How to Get Magnetic Eyeliner Off Without Makeup Remover

Magnetic eyeliner can be a great way to achieve a dramatic look, but removing it can be tricky. If you don’t have any makeup remover on hand, there are a few ways to get the liner off without damaging your skin.

How to Get Magnetic Eyeliner Off Without Makeup Remover

When it’s time to take off your magnetic eyeliner, things can get a little tricky. If you don’t have any makeup remover on hand, there are a few ways to get it off without damaging your skin. We’ll show you how to get magnetic eyeliner off without makeup remover in this post. We’ll also share some tips for preventing liner fallout. Keep reading to learn more!

Summary: If you’re looking for an easy way to get magnetic eyeliner off without makeup remover, try using a baby wipe. They’re soft, absorbent, and won’t irritate your eyes.

10 Ways on How to Get Magnetic Eyeliner Off Without Makeup Remover

1. Petroleum Jelly or Vaseline

Apply petroleum jelly, also known as Vaseline, to your eyelids and then wipe clean with a cotton swab. This is an equally effective method to remove magnetic eyeliner from your eye area.

2. Rubbing Alcohol

Rubbing alcohol can remove almost any substance, including magnetic eyeliner. Only use it on the skin around your eyes because it is highly flammable.

3. Baby Oil or Coconut Oil

Baby oil and coconut oil are highly gentle oils that easily dissolve makeup. Use either of these oils to remove magnetic eyeliner. You can also make a natural makeup remover by mixing baby oil with your favorite liquid soap.

4. Olive Oil

Olive oil is a gentle moisturizer and cleanser that has been used for centuries to treat many different skin conditions, from the common cold to the plague! It works as a great makeup remover because it breaks down all types of makeup.

olive oil is a gentle moisturizer and cleanser

5. Aloe Vera Gel

Aloe vera gel is a natural moisturizer containing vitamins A and C, which are effective antioxidants for the skin. It can easily remove magnetic eyeliner from your eye area.

6. Dental Floss

A dental floss is a string-like tool that can remove magnetic eyeliner from your eye area as well as the rest of your face.

7. Calamine Lotion

Calamine lotion is a medication that has been used to treat acne, reduce itching, and calm irritated skin for many years. It can also be used as a makeup remover, especially for stubborn eyeliner.

8. Baby Wipes

Using a baby wipe, you can easily remove magnetic eyeliner from your eyes and face! Just rub the wet wipe in circular motions to break down and dissolve makeup. Remember that you should only use baby wipes on your skin, not around your eyes.

9. Coconut Oil and Olive Oil

Combine equal coconut oil and olive oil in a small, covered container. Shake until the two are thoroughly mixed together. Use an old makeup brush or cotton swab to dip into the mixture and then use it along your lash line to dissolve the magnetic eyeliner.

10. Splash Eyes with Warm Water

Splash warm water over your eyelids and eye area to dissolve magnetic eyeliner. Be sure not to rub your eyes, as this will cause more damage!

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Splash Warm Water  Over Your Eyelids

Some Tips and Suggestions

1. If you can’t get the eyeliner off with this method, try using oil-based products next time.

2. If you use an oil-based product to remove your eyeliner anyway, make sure it’s not too greasy. Grease can clog pores leading to breakouts.

3. If you want to use a makeup remover, try a gentle one. Oil-based products will cause more harm than good in some cases!

4. Tinctorius is a plant that contains oil that can be used as a makeup remover, but it’s often too greasy and oily for many people.

5. To get the most out of your makeup remover, saturate a cotton ball, wait a few seconds for the makeup remover to loosen the makeup, and then use the cotton ball to wipe off your eyeliner.

6. If you want to try a natural method, consider using baby oil as an eyeliner remover. It’s gentle and often effective.

7. If you’re willing to spend a couple of bucks, consider using an oil-free makeup remover. Oil-free makeup removers are non-comedogenic so that they won’t clog pores!

Safety Measures and Precautions

1. The natural oils and fats in skincare products and makeup removers will weaken the cling of the magnet to your eyelid. So please do not use them near your eyes.

prevent the eyeliner magnet

4. Do not use near water to prevent the eyeliner magnet from rusting and deteriorating quickly.

2. Do not use tweezers if you are experiencing an eye infection or irritation, as this may worsen it. Also, use extra caution when removing lashes that are flaking off.

3. Stop using the product if you experience skin irritation, itching, or discomfort.

5. Do not use on skin that has any cuts, abrasions, or other open wounds.

6. When using the product, please make sure your hands are clean and dry.

7. Please understand that you will experience some fallout when wearing this eyeliner for the first few times while still getting used to it. Try to wave at yourself in the mirror to see if eyeliner comes off easily.


The key to removing your magnetic liner without makeup remover is using a cotton ball soaked in rubbing alcohol. Fold the cotton ball into quarters and use it to gently wipe off the liner from your lid, lash line, or waterline area. You can also repeat this process with a clean cotton ball until you are satisfied that all of the pigment has been removed.

Once done, make sure to wash out the dirty ones to not spread any germs around your face! If you have sensitive eyes, please be careful when doing this process because rubbing alcohol will dry out delicate skin tissue if used too aggressively.

We hope these tips on how to get magnetic eyeliner off without makeup remover help keep everyone looking beautiful for many more years ahead! We must take care of ourselves and try our best to look as great as we feel.

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