How to Get Rid of Roaches in Bathroom

Roaches are the bane of many homeowners. They can be found in kitchens, bathrooms, under sinks, and just about anywhere else you look. If you have a roach problem in your home, it is essential to take action quickly before they multiply to an even more unmanageable number.

This blog post will give you some tips on how to get rid of roaches in the bathroom fast! Roaches are a common pest that people find in their homes and offices. These pests can cause health issues, damage your property, and contaminate food, so it’s important to get rid of them as soon as possible. 

How to Get Rid of Roaches in Bathroom

7 Reasons Why You Should Get Rid of Roaches in Bathroom:

1. Roaches are disgusting and can cause several health problems if their nests are not taken care of immediately. In addition, the American College of Physicians reports that pest control in bathrooms is necessary to prevent the spread of bacteria-carrying pests, particularly in hospitals.

2. Those who have allergies or asthma are especially vulnerable to the effects associated with roach infestations.

3. Roach droppings and molted skin carry several pathogens that can cause illness or trigger human allergies, including salmonella, E. coli, hepatitis, cholera, and typhoid fever. Their eating habits may also leave behind dried feces on food surfaces that can easily be transferred to the mouth during eating.

4. Roaches can be carriers of diseases that affect humans, pets, and livestock, including bubonic plague, dysentery, gastroenteritis, leprosy, typhoid fever, tuberculosis, and dermatitis.

5. Roaches also trigger asthma in children who suffer from the condition.

6. Roaches carry the eggs of several parasitic insects that lay their eggs under roach skin. These include lice, ticks, mites, fleas, and bed bugs.

7. If you live in an apartment building or other multiple-unit dwelling, your neighbor’s infestation can quickly become your problem, too, if one isn’t taken care of.

Step by Step Guide: How to Get Rid of Roaches in Bathroom

While plenty of products on the market claim to rid your bathroom of roaches, many are entirely ineffective. The easiest way to get rid of roaches is by using natural remedies. These are non-toxic and do not require you to purchase anything special. Here’s how to get rid of roaches in the bathroom quickly and easily.

Step 1: Clean Up Messes

Roaches love to feed on crumbs and other food particles that lie around the bathroom floor. While you might be tempted to leave as many food sources as possible for roaches to feed on, this results in many bugs.

It is incredibly difficult to get rid of them when they multiply in large numbers. Instead, clean up any crumbs, food particles, or messes from around the floor and other areas in your bathroom.

Step 2: Leave Out Boric Acid

Boric acid is a mild poison used to kill roaches. Sprinkle boric acid on all surfaces within your bathroom walls and corners where you might see roaches. Do not use boric acid near sinks and other areas where it can get into the water.

Step 3: Clean Out and Cover Holes

Roaches lay eggs in the crevices of the bathroom, which is why it’s important to clean them out and cover them with caulk. Roaches get into small holes and cracks to lay eggs. If you block off these holes, they won’t be able to access them to lay eggs.

Step 4: Rinse Area With Vinegar and Water Solution

Using white vinegar and water solution, rinse down your bathroom walls and floors after applying boric acid or creams in step one. The vinegar will kill off any roaches that made it to the surface while also mixing with boric acid along the walls to create a stronger poison for killing the remaining roaches within the wall.

Step 5: Use Diatomaceous Earth

Diatomaceous earth is another powder-like substance that acts as an alternative way to kill roaches. While diatomaceous earth might not be as strong of poison, it will mix with boric acid and vinegar on the bathroom floor to create a more deadly mixture for killing off any roaches on the surface.

Diatomaceous Earth Acts as 
an Alternative Way to Kill

Step 6: Spray With Lysol or Mr. Clean

Lysol is an effective way to rid your bathroom of roaches. You must spray it on all surfaces throughout your bathroom, including the sinks and faucets. Spray a bit around the outside of your home to kill off any roaches that wander into or near your property.

Step 7: Clean Your Sink Drain

Roaches will enter your home through cracks and crevices on the outside of your home. After you spray Lysol on the outside of your home, make sure to clean out and cover any holes or crevices around the sinks and faucets of your bathroom. Roaches will enter through these areas to lay their eggs.

Step 8: Mop Up All Water

Roaches need water to survive. If you keep your bathroom floor dry, it will be extremely difficult for roaches to find adequate water supplies. Make sure all the surfaces in your bathroom are completely dry, and mop up any excess water or spills immediately.

Tips to Prevent Roaches in the Future:

1. Don’t leave food out, even for a few minutes.

2. Don’t let water stand in the sink or tub overnight.

3. Seal all holes and cracks that could provide entry into your home. Use steel wool and caulking to do this. Be thorough! Roaches can fit through very small spaces.

4. Clean up any crumbs in your kitchen and bathroom.

5. Roaches die in the cold, so you can place a few packets of silica gel or sand on the floor in your cabinets for a week or two in the winter to help reduce their numbers.

6. Sanitation is important if you want to get rid of roaches. In addition to cleaning up food spills, be sure to clean your cabinets. Also, remove any unnecessary clutter that allows for hiding places.

7. Roaches attract warmth and moisture, so keeping things neat and dry will help reduce their numbers. Try putting a dehumidifier in the room where you’ve seen it the most frequently.

Safety and Precautions:

1. It is advisable to wear safety goggles while using boric acid. The acid can irritate the eyes and cause damage to the skin on contact. If it comes in contact with the eyes, wash them immediately with clean water and seek medical advice from a specialist if there are any problems.

2. As a preventative measure, store boric acid out of reach of children and pets.

3. Keep the boric acid away from foodstuff to avoid contamination or poisoning.

4. When spraying or applying the powder, ensure that there are no open flames in the kitchen since it is combustible. Also, never mix boric acid with ammonia-based products or bleach. This may cause a toxic gas to be released.

Keep the Boric Acid
 Away From Foodstuff

5. Be careful not to inhale the dust while sweeping up boric acid powder as it can irritate respiratory passage and cause difficulty breathing. Wash hands thoroughly after handling the acid, and never eat, drink, or smoke once boric acid is applied to avoid accidental consumption.

6. When mixing boric acid powder, ensure that the other ingredients are not highly flammable as this may cause a chemical reaction.


When it comes to getting rid of roaches, prevention is the best strategy. First, clean up any food or water sources that may attract them to your home and seal off all entry points for these bugs. If you do find a few around where they shouldn’t be, use an insecticide product with pyrethrin as its active ingredient to kill them on contact.

These are just some of the most effective natural ways to eliminate roaches without using chemicals that could harm your family members or pets! We hope this article on how to get rid of roaches in the bathroom has helped you identify what might have attracted those pesky critters into your bathroom and gave you some advice on keeping them out long-term.

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