How to Get Rid of Termites in the Lawn

Termites are destructive pests that can destroy your home and yard. They enter the soil around your house and eat away at any wood they come across. Termites live in colonies like ants, so you should be on high alert for more if you see one! Since termites often stay hidden from sight, it is important to know the signs of their presence.

This blog post will discuss how to get rid of termites on the Lawn. To prevent future infestations, homeowners need to create a barrier around their home’s foundation by installing concrete slabs or an asphalt strip at least six inches deep and four inches wide around the house’s perimeter.

How to Get Rid of Termites in the Lawn

Seven Reasons Why You Need to Get Rid of Termites:

1. Termites are a home and structural destroyer

2. Termites eat wood

3. It is essential to deal with termite infestations as soon as possible.

4. Homeowners Insurance will not cover the costs of a termite infestation!

5. Termites can cause severe damage to your wallet, health, and the environment!

6. Termites are found worldwide

7. Termites show up at the most unsuspecting times!

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How to Detect Termites?

Here we have mentioned three ways to detect termites.

1. Termite Mounds:

One way to detect a termite infestation is by checking for mounds. Termites build their homes and feed on plant and wood fibers, so it makes sense that they would build large structures over their homes with the same materials. By checking for mounds, you can detect a termite infestation long before seeing any sign of activity within the home.

Take a moment to walk around your property, specifically taking note of any hills or mounds you might see on your Lawn. Look for any place where the grass is overtaken by an overgrowth of small trees or shrubs.

If mounds are present in one area of your yard, but there are no signs of activity through the rest of it, you might be safe. However, if there are mounds present in various locations around your yard with apparent signs of being recently damaged, you have a serious problem to deal with.

2. Tunneling:

Another sure-fire way to determine if termites are present is by seeing actual tunnels present in the ground surrounding your home. Walk around your entire property, paying close attention to any tunnels you see leading into your home or the foundation of it.

If there are no mounds present with tunnels entering them, finding actually visible tunnels is a sign that termites are actively damaging wood fibers in multiple locations within your yard.

3. Termite Damage:

Termite Damage to Get Rid of Termites in the Lawn

Once you have confirmed that there is an active termite infestation somewhere on your property, look for signs of damage to the actual structure of your home. Wood might be eaten away in some areas and unaffected in others.

You might see piles of sweet-smelling sawdust present somewhere within your yard, especially on or around mounds or tunnels. You might notice that doorways and windows are more reluctant to open and close as if they have expanded due to constant moisture.

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7 Effective Methods: How to Get Rid of Termites on the Lawn

1) Use Borax to Kill Termites:

With Borax, you can kill the termites and won’t harm the grass. Just sprinkle some borax powder on the ground where you see termite infestation (and around it).

If possible, try to get your hands on Borax laundry soap or Borax powder cleaner, which contains more than 80% Borax. If you find Borax laundry powder, ensure you get the one that doesn’t contain additives.

2) Use Diatomaceous Earth:

Diatomaceous earth is a soft rock that can easily be found in your kitchen pantry. It is capable of killing termites and also acts as an insect repellent. All you need to do is sprinkle some diatomaceous earth on the grass where you see termites. You can also mix it with Borax powder for better results.

3) Use Salt to Kill Termites:

Salt kills termites by dehydrating them until they die. It works well when mixed with other ingredients like Borax or diatomaceous earth. To kill the termites using salt, sprinkle some table salt on the ground where you see them. The other components will enhance its effect and help eradicate the termites faster.

4) Apply Bleach to the Lawn:

Bleach is an excellent disinfectant and can kill germs and microbes, including termites. It works great on crusty bugs like termites and helps make the Lawn look great again. To use Bleach to get rid of termites, mix 2-3 tablespoons of Bleach with 1 gallon of water and then spray.

5) Try Dish Soap:

Try Dish Soap to Get Rid of Termites in the Lawn

Dish soap is very effective in killing termites. To use dish soap to get rid of the termites, mix dishwashing liquid with water and make a solution. Now apply this on the grass where you see them and around the place where they are present.

The other ingredients like Borax and diatomaceous earth will further enhance the effect of dish soap and help you kill termites faster.

6) Apply Petroleum Jelly:

Petroleum jelly also acts as a pesticide and is known for its amazing effects on various insects like termites. It works great if combined with other ingredients like Borax or diatomaceous earth. You can also mix it with washing liquid or dish soap to make a better solution.

Apply the petroleum jelly mixture carefully on the grass where termites are present and wait until it starts affecting them.

7) Use Peppermint Oil:

Peppermint oil is very effective in killing termites and also acts as an insect repellent. To use peppermint oil to kill termites, mix some pure peppermint oil with coconut or olive carrier oil and then apply this mixture on the grass where you see termite infestation. If possible, try to cover as much area as possible as it acts as an excellent insect repellent.


When you need to get rid of termites, a few things can be done. Unfortunately, there is no one solution for every situation, and it’s up to the individual technician or exterminator to know what will work best in your case.

We would like to mention that if you have pets, ensure they don’t go near any chemicals because this could cause them harm! We hope this blog post on how to get rid of termites in the Lawn helps you find an effective way to eliminate those pesky pests from your Lawn so that your family can enjoy their yard again.

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