How to Remove Ant Hills From Lawn


Anthills are not only an eyesore, but they can also be a fire hazard. In addition, ants tunneling through the ground can cause damage to your lawn by pushing up soil and bringing up other debris. This makes it difficult for grass to grow properly in some regions of your yard.

Not only that, ants are attracted to water sources which means if you have a pond or fountain on your property, there is a higher chance ant will make their way there as well! The following article goes over how to remove ant hills from lawn. So let us gets started.

How to Remove Ant Hills From Lawn

Why There Are Ant Hills on Lawns?

Ants build anthills in your lawn for different reasons, but the main one is to provide a home for the queen ant so she can have babies. Ants are always digging tunnels through the dirt mound, which gives them a way to get in and out of their home. They also produce an acid that kills other insects that might try to harm their anthills.

Other insects like moles cause many problems with these ants. The moles don’t eat or destroy the ants; they just dig holes near the entrances, sometimes causing severe damage to your lawn and weakening its structure because grassroots run through those tunnels. Ants cause this damage because they are constantly tunneling through the soil. The tunnels are about 1-2 inches deep and go throughout the anthill.

Stepwsie Guide on How to Remove Ant Hills From Lawn:

Anthills in the lawn can quickly make your yard look untidy and disorganized. The easiest way to get rid of them is to step on them, which may cause a bigger problem. Below are a few other solutions for getting rid of ant hills from the lawn:

1. Baking Soda Solution

Baking soda is a highly effective way of killing ants. Pour baking powder into the hole with some water and cover it up so they cannot get out alive. The baking soda will mix with their bodies and destroy the whole colony within 24 hours. This technique does not work well if you have many anthills close together, so it’s best to start with one at a time.

2. Vinegar

Pour vinegar into anthills to make them all die from its poisonous effects. Still, this method will not work if you have many anthills close together because the vinegar sent out will only kill a few of them at a time, and the rest might even move deeper into your yard after smelling the scent of this strong liquid more easily than before too.

So instead, keep all animals away from the area for 24 hours until everything dies down and disappears completely after removing them from their nest through one of these methods above: choose the best ones most suited for your situation and start using whichever immediately before they invade any more areas around where you live.

3. Bleach Solution

Mix bleach with water and pour it around the hole of an anthill so that they cannot escape alive before dying themselves. This method is equally effective for killing one or many ant hills at once. Ensure you have enough bleach solution so that every ant dies down before you stop pouring it into their bodies to avoid further spreading them all over your yard.

4. Ammonia

Mix ammonia with water to not be too powerful for the ants. Pour the mixture around the anthill and let it work overnight by itself until they all die from its poisonous effects. You can use a stick to mix it inside of the hole if you want, but make sure to wash your hands off with soap and water after touching anything near them, as ammonia is also poisonous to our bodies.

5. Cat Litter

Pour cat litter into their holes, and they will all die from the annoying smell of it before spreading out to your yard again. Remember that you may have a few stragglers for a short while after applying this method if they do not get enough of it inside.

Still, at least you will have successfully removed them from your lawn right then and there without any further problems with ants living inside or around it ever again.

6. Diatomaceous Earth

Diatomaceous earth is a pesticide that can be bought at pet stores near your home. Pour water over the powder to not blow away by the wind before getting wet or dry. The ants will walk through the powder and carry it back to their nests, where they will die from its poisonous effects.

This method effectively kills one or many anthills at once because they can be spread out over a large area; you do not want to spend more time doing other things like mowing your lawn, watering flowers, or taking care of other plants around them too.

7. Boiling Water

Stepwsie Guide to Remove Ant Hills

Pour boiling water into an anthill until someone plugs up all of their holes quickly before moving on to another area that needs to be treated as well before the first solution gets washed away with any rainwater to avoid further spreading of ants through your yard and drinking up all of your DIY hard work right then and there instantly.

Pour more boiling water down every hole until none of them remain alive outside any longer.

8. Alcohol, Sugar, Water

Mix water with sugar and alcohol to create a sugary liquid that you can pour into their holes about 1 or 2 inches deep before using something like a pencil to plug it up quickly instead of trying to get your hands too close to them without getting bitten by accident.

Please wait for this solution to start working its magic overnight. At the same time, you sleep because the ants will carry the mixture back to their nests, where they will all die from intoxication after ingesting enough of it at once before doing anything else suitable for your grass again in the morning when you wake up.

This method is also effective for killing one or many anthills at once, so choose whatever works best for your situation and try it out as soon as possible before they start invading your yard again.

9. Household Products

Pour the hydrogen peroxide, dishwashing liquid, and vinegar all over the anthill, and you will not have to worry about them ever crawling around your yard for decades afterward without any further problems with ant hills living near or inside of it at all.

The ants will eat away these chemicals down into their bodies where they will die from their effects before doing anything else suitable for your lawn again, such as eating up its grass seedlings, ruining its soil quality, or creating holes that can collect rainwater to make even more ant hills in the future instead of taking care of business right then and there like you want them to do.

10. Boric Acid

Boric acid is a dangerous poison that can be bought at any hardware store near you. Keep pets and children away from it at all times while you’re doing this outdoors with your lawnmower, pool cleaner, or other gardening tools to avoid accidents before they happen. Sprinkle boric acid inside of the anthills before plugging them up entirely by using a pencil, twig, or toothpick to make sure they are unable to escape from getting covered in this powdery substance which will make them all die from its effects before resting in peace overnight after doing anything good for your yard ever again.  

11. Bleach

Pour bleach into their holes until someone plugs them up entirely underwater instead of trying to get rid of ants yourself without any help from anyone else. This will avoid further spreading of this problem to other areas near or inside your home where you spend a lot of your time relaxing. You will not have to deal with these ants ever again.

Pour more bleach down every hole until you can see it dripping out from underneath the ground and through their tunnels before pouring Water down them as well to make sure that everything is plugged up and ready to go instead of staying alive and continuing its journey back to their nest where they will die from intoxication after ingesting enough of it at once before doing anything good for your grass again the following day when you wake up.

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Precautions While Performing How to Remove Ant Hills From Lawn:

1. While removing the anthills, protect your eyes and mouth because the sand that comes from the hole is very sharp and will harm your body if they enter your eyes or mouth. You can use glasses or goggles to cover your eye while removing them.

Precautions While Removing Ant Hills

2. As you know, ants are tiny in size, but their hill is equally little, so do not cut off their hill completely. Instead, leave some space for them to make another home. If you see any larvae inside the anthill, then move it carefully with a stick without damaging it because if larvae die then ants cannot reproduce again. Remove all dead bodies of insects from around the anthill before proceeding further; otherwise, these dead bodies will attract other insects, which may create problems later on.

3. Ants are very friendly, so you can use a stick to bring their queen from the anthill, don’t use your hands; otherwise, ants may harm you.

4. After all this preparation, when everything is planned, remove the anthills from your lawn care without damaging them because if you break their home, they cannot reproduce again, and this is how you prevent them from making another nest near your home.


I hope this article has given you all the information on removing ant hills from lawns. Ensure all the precautions. Thank you, and have a nice day!

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