How to Glue Terracotta Pots Together

Terracotta pots are many delicate potteries which can be broken with the slightest impact. Gluing these pots together is very easy, but the task needs much sincerity. Today we are going to provide you a basic idea on how to glue terracotta pots together. This will be much helpful for beginners who are interested to learn new things.

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• Step One

At first, you have to take all the pieces and then clean it. The broken pieces of the pots should not be lost, and the instance the break you should store all in a plastic bag. Next, you have to sue a clean cloth to wipe all the dust from the pots. This will help to make the pot fresh before applying the glue on the broken edges.

• Step Two

Then you have to wear gloves on your hand and then open the glue. There are varieties of glues that are available in the market. You can choose the natural superglue, which will act as a good quality adhesive. Now you have to apply the glue on the broken edges. It will help you to attach the other ends.

Wear Gloves on Your Hand and Then Open the Glue

• Step Three

Once the glue is applied, you can take the broken edges and then place it above the bond. This will help the parts get connected. Now you have to take some masking tape and then apply it on the broken edges where the glue is applied. This is much necessary because, during the preliminary period, the bond will not get firmly attached to the pieces. So the masking tape will hold them.

Apply the Glue on the Broken Edges

• Step Four

The last step if this process is letting the pot rest for twenty-four hours. This will give them enough time to get connected, and after the broken pieces are firmly attached, you should scrape off the extra glue with a scraping knife. Then you can sandpaper to make the joint even. In this way, you can quickly join broken terracotta pots using glue.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, we would say that the process will be essential for making your terracotta pots usable. Have a nice day.

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