How to Make Liquid Nails Dry Faster


Women fancy their nails very much, and for this reason, they are always curious to provide a new look to their nails. They spend a lot of money on the manicure, and in this manner, they keep their nails in good shape. Sometimes when you are in a hurry, and the liquid nail takes much time to dry, the situation becomes quite hectic. For this reason, today we are going to introduce you to the techniques on how to make liquid nails dry faster, which will be much helpful.

How to Make Liquid Nails Dry Faster


There are many ways to dry your nails quicker. These techniques are used by manicure specialists to make the work faster. We are going to state the best five techniques that you can apply in this case.

​Ice Water Technique:

In this technique, you use ice and water to dry your nails; first, take a bowl and put some ice in it. After you have set the ice, fill the bowl with water. When the container is filled with water, put your nail inside it, and then the drying process will be made quicker. In this manner, you can dry your nails fast enough.

Nail in Ice Water

​Dry Dip Product Technique:

After you finish your manicure, you will need to use a dry dip liquid to help your nails dry faster. You can order this liquid online or find it in some stores. To use it, you will need to put a drop of the liquid on your nails and then wait for one to five minutes for your nails to dry.

Cooking Spray Method:

On this method, you will use the cooking spray to dry your nails. For this, you have to place a tissue paper beneath your fingers so that there is a mess triggered by the spray. Then apply the spray on the nails as well as on the fingers. The spray will quickly dry the nails and also improve the skin and the cuticles of your finger. Then rinse off your hand with water.

​Hair Drier Method:

In this method, you use a hair drier to dry your nails. You have to use the cool setting on the machine, because the hot setting will delay the drying process. Put the device in the desired settings and then apply it to your nail gently.

​Fast Drying Top Coat Method:

Fast drying liquid nails top coat method

This is the most conventional method used for drying your nails faster. This is a chemical that is gently spread on the nails; it is basically like nail polish but without any pigment included in them. Once you apply them on your fingernails, the process will be started, and the nails will get dried quicker. One thing that you need to remember is that this is not a permanent solution, so it has to be applied every time you do your nails.


Lastly, we hope that the techniques that we have mentioned here will help you make your nails dry faster. In situations when you are out of time, these techniques will of best use. Especially for beginners, these skills are much necessary. Have a good day!!

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