How to Hide Extra String Lights

Is your home in need of a unique lighting touch that adds warmth and personality? Have you gone to hang string lights around the room, only to find that there isn’t enough space for them, or you don’t want it looking too cluttered? The good news is string lights aren’t just meant to be hung from one corner of the ceiling to another.

There are plenty of creative ways you can use them to give your home a different look without taking up extra space! In this blog post, we will provide tips on how to hide extra string lights to enhance the beauty and coziness of any interior design.

How to Hide Extra String Lights

Whether it’s by wrapping them around other items or finding clever spaces behind furniture, get ready to transform your walls with some beautiful décor thanks to these insider tips.

Is It Safe?

Before we jump into the tips, it’s essential to double-check any potential fire hazards. You can avoid this by using LED string lights and keeping them away from items that are flammable, such as drapes, furniture, and fabric walls. Also, make sure your chosen lights don’t exceed the maximum wattage for the outlet.

Now, without further ado, let’s delve into different ways to hide your string lights.

What are the Benefits of Using String Lights?

String lights come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, making them a great way to customize your home. With so many options available, you’re sure to find something that works with your own individual style.

Plus, they are energy-efficient and low on maintenance, as they don’t require any wiring or complicated installation process.

Additionally, they provide a much softer and more inviting light than other forms of lighting, creating a warm atmosphere and ambiance. But, If excess string lights are taking up too much space or cluttering the room, there are a few different ways you can hide them while still enjoying their decorating benefits.

What Will You Need?

Before you start, be sure to have the following items on hand:

  1. String lights of your choice
  2. Extension cords
  3. Tape measure
  4. Electric staple gun (optional)

Once you have all the necessary supplies, it’s time to get started!

10 Easy Steps on How to Hide Extra String Lights

1. Wrapping Around Furniture:

Wrap Them Around Furniture

This is probably the easiest way to hide extra string lights. Just wrap them around furniture, such as headboards, bookshelves, and curtains, to create a unique lighting effect. If the furniture has an unusual shape, you can use your creativity to drape them around it in a creative way.

2. Behind Furniture:

Look for narrow spaces behind furniture, such as between the wall and the back of an armchair or sofa. This allows you to hide your lights without taking up any extra space in the room. Don’t forget to measure the space before you start hanging!

3. Along Ceiling Molding:

If your ceiling has molded, run the wire along it to give your room a beautiful accent light without having to hang string lights from it. You can even use a staple gun to keep the wire in place. It will create an interesting and unique look.

4. Staple Gun:

If you prefer not to use nails, staple guns are great for attaching wiring along walls and ceilings quickly and easily. Just be sure to use low voltage staples so they won’t pierce through insulation within the walls or ceilings! Another upside is that it won’t ruin your wall or ceiling if you decide to take them down one day.

5. Hide Behind Wall Art:

You can use wall art to hide extra string lights that don’t fit in your décor. This is a great way to give your room a unique lighting effect without taking up any extra space. Try placing the lights behind a stretched canvas or framed art to give it an illuminating touch.

6. Hide Underneath Window Treatments:

String lights can easily be hidden underneath window treatments, such as blinds or curtains, for a soft, ambient glow in the room. Additionally, it’s a great way to create a cozy atmosphere in the evening hours. Don’t forget to measure the space before you start hanging!

7. Hiding Wires Along Carpet:

Use a Staple Gun to Keep the Wire in Place

If you have carpets and rugs in your home, you can hide wires along them for an easy way to brighten up the room with minimal effort. Simply run the wire along the edges of the rug or carpet! Be careful not to trip over the wire.

8. Hiding Wires Along Door Frames:

If your door frames are wide enough, you can hide extra string lights along them for an interesting lighting effect. Just make sure to measure the width of your door frame before starting! Also, make sure that the wire does not interfere with the door’s ability to open and close.

9. Draping from Ceiling Beams:

For a unique and creative look, run wires along ceiling beams and drape strings of lights from them. This is a great way to add light to hard-to-reach spots in your home without taking up too much space. Ensure that the wires are securely attached and won’t interfere with your ceiling. As a bonus, this method also creates interesting shadows on the walls and ceilings!

10. Wrapping Around Structures:

You can also wrap the wire around structures such as bed posts or even stair rails for a stunning lighting effect that adds warmth and character to any room in the house! Remember, measure the circumference of the structure before you start, and try not to wrap it too tightly so that it won’t interfere with the structure’s stability.

By following these simple steps, you can easily hide extra string lights in your home without taking up too much space or cluttering the room. With a little creativity and ingenuity, you can create a beautiful lighting display that will be sure to impress your guests!

6 Additional Tips and Tricks

Use Wall Art to Hide Extra String Lights

1. Place your extra string lights behind a curtain or drape to create a soft, ambient light. It’s easy to adjust the lights when you want more or less light.

2. Use decorative boxes, pots, and baskets to store the extra string lights away while still giving off a soft glow. Just make sure to keep the boxes and baskets away from flammable items.

3. Install a sheer canopy over your bed or couch and let the extra string lights drape down for a beautiful, dreamy look. Be careful to attach the canopy so it won’t come down securely.

4. Wrap the extra string lights around architectural elements like posts or gazebos for a subtle yet elegant look. Ensure that the lights are attached securely and will not come loose.

5. Hang the extra string lights up in an alcove or corner of any room to lighten up the room without it being too overbearing. Carefully hang the lights to make sure they don’t fall.

6. Place the extra string lights around a mirror or window frame to create a cozy atmosphere. This trick is perfect for making any room feel like a retreat!

No matter how you choose to hide extra string lights, make sure that, they are adequately secured to prevent them from being a safety hazard. With these tips and tricks, you can easily turn your extra string lights into a stylish statement piece.

6 Things You Should Avoid

Place Your Extra String Lights Behind a Curtain

1. Avoid placing the extra string lights in a place that may be hazardous or unsafe.

2. Do not hang your extra string lights around anything with sharp edges or corners.

3. Avoid wrapping your extra string lights too tightly around any object as this may cause them to overheat quickly.

4. Ensure that the extra string lights are not exposed to water or moisture, which could lead to safety hazards.

5. Do not place the extra string lights near any open flames or sources of heat, as this can cause them to overheat and lead to a fire hazard.

6. Do not hang the extra string lights in a place where they can easily be tripped over or become tangled. This could lead to a safety hazard.

By avoiding these potential safety hazards, you can ensure that your extra string lights are safe and secure when hiding them away.

What is the Difference Between Fairy Lights and String Lights?

Fairy and string lights are often used interchangeably, but there is a difference between them. Fairy lights are typically mini LED bulbs that are found on strands of wire. These strands have many more bulbs than regular string lights, which makes them ideal for decorating larger spaces or creating a romantic atmosphere. String lights, on the other hand, usually have fewer bulbs, providing more focused light. They can be used to create different lighting effects, such as spotlights or brighten up nooks and corners in your home. Both types of lighting can be hidden away using some of the methods mentioned above – it just depends on what kind of effect you’re looking to achieve!

With these tips and tricks, you can easily hide extra string lights or fairy lights in any room of your home and create a beautiful lighting effect. Remember to take the necessary safety precautions to prevent any potential hazards from occurring. With a little creativity, you can turn your extra string lights into stylish statement pieces that will be sure to impress!

Place the Extra String Lights Around a Mirror

How Do You Make String Lights Less Bright?

There are many ways to make string lights less bright. To reduce the intensity of your string lights, you can purchase dimmer bulbs or use a dimmer switch to adjust the lighting levels manually.

Additionally, use opaque covers or shades over your string lights to diffuse the light and make it less bright. Another way to reduce brightness is to place your string lights at a greater distance from any surfaces they are reflecting off. Finally, you can also use colored gels or filters to change the color of the light and create a softer tone.

By following these steps, you can easily reduce the brightness of your string lights while still creating a beautiful ambiance in any room. With a little creativity and ingenuity, you can create an inviting atmosphere without having them be too overwhelming!

Is It Bad to Leave String Lights on All Night?

Leaving string lights on all night is not recommended as they can be a safety hazard. String lights produce heat, and if left on for an extended period of time, this can lead to fire hazards or electrical shortages. Additionally, leaving string lights turned on overnight can add additional wear and tear to the bulbs and shorten their life expectancy.

To ensure that your string lights are safe and secure, it’s best to turn them off when you’re not using them. This way, you can keep your home safe from potential fire hazards while still enjoying the beauty of your light display!

Overall, a little creativity and ingenuity can go a long way when it comes to hiding extra string lights. With these tips and tricks, you can easily turn your extra string lights into stylish statement pieces that won’t be too overbearing for your home.

Avoid Wrapping Your Extra String Lights Too Tightly


You can successfully hide your extra string lights with a little creativity and the right accessories. Whether your goal is to add a subtle glow or create more focused light areas, the strategy is simple: Choose the materials and design elements that work best for what you want to accentuate or de-emphasize. Be sure to use techniques such as coiling or wrapping to camouflage wires in tight spaces or behind furniture.

After considering all these alternatives, in no time at all, you’ll have well-hidden strings of light that will brighten up any room or outdoor space with stunningly vibrant sophistication. Your guests won’t believe how perfectly the day has shifted into the night—light up your world with hidden string lights!

Hopefully, the article on how to hide extra string lights has provided you with all the information and tips you need to hide your extra string lights successfully. Remember, a little creativity and ingenuity can go a long way in creating a beautiful and inviting atmosphere! Good luck!

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