How to Hook Up Antenna to Directv Box

Like most people, you probably use a DirectTV box to get your television programming. The chances are good that you also have an antenna to pick up local channels. But, did you know that you can hook up your antenna to your DirectTV box and get those local channels without switching inputs?  

How to Hook Up Antenna to Directv Box

If you are one of the many people who have made the switch from cable to Directv, you may be wondering how to hook up antenna to directv box. While the process is a little different than hooking up an antenna to a cable box, it is not difficult to do. In this blog post, we will walk you through hooking up your antenna to your Directv box. So let’s get started!

What Things You’ll Need

  • Antenna (you can use other types of TV antenna)
  • Directv box and satellite dish
  • Coax Cable (RG6) with F connector
  • Screwdriver
  • A wire stripper/cutter
  • Coax compression connector tool

Step by Step Guide: How to Hook Up Antenna to Directv Box

Step 1: Determine TV Tower Range 

You will need to determine how far away your TV tower is from your home. If you have a newer model of Directv (D12, D22), the easiest way to do this is by googling or going on DirecTV’s website and putting in your zip code.

It will give you a list of all the towers in your area with their corresponding direction. If you have an older box, then you can press Menu on your Directv box and scroll down to ‘System Setup.’ Again, it will give you a list of all the towers in your area. If it doesn’t, you might call DirecTV and provide them with your address to determine the TV Tower Range.

Step 2: Buy Antenna Hardware

You will need an antenna, coaxial cable (RG6), mast, rotor (if desired), grounding block, and a pole. You can buy these items at your local home improvement store. Make sure you get a coaxial cable that is RG6, and its thickness should be ‘Thin.’

Need an Antenna

It will normally say RG6 or RG59. If it says anything else, don’t buy it because it won’t work with the Directv box properly. In terms of antenna hardware, several choices depend on your needs and budget.

Step 3: Mount the Antenna on the Pole

There are several ways to mount the antenna on a pole. The best way is to get a mounting bracket and mast pipe from your local home improvement store if you desire an outdoor installation. The other option is to mount it in your attic or on the roof.

The goal is to have it at least 6 feet off the ground to get a clear enough signal for your tv. If this isn’t possible, then just do the best you can with what you have available.

Step 4: Install Coaxial Cable

You will need to run the coaxial cable from the antenna on the pole to your Directv box. If you install an attic or roof mount, run it through a vent in your house directly to your Directv box. You don’t have to drill any holes if you use an inside mount. Remove the rubber gasket on top of the wall plate and pull out enough cable to reach your Directv box.

Step 5: Install the Antenna Hardware

If you are inside mounting, then you can hook up all of the hardware now, powering on your Directv box and checking for any errors. If you are outside mounting, then wait until everything is installed to power on your Directv box. You will need to install a grounding block near the coaxial cable plugs into your Directv box.

Powering on Your Directv Box

Step 6: Tune Your TV to the Signal

You might need to re-scan your channels after everything is hooked up. This is because Directv will automatically look for a signal it recognizes, and this step forces your tv to recognize the new signal again. You can do this manually or use an automatic channel scanner which will do it for you. Either way will work just fine.

Step 7: Power on Your DirecTV Box

Once everything is hooked up properly, power on your Directv box and see if everything works. If your TV shows all of the channels, then you are done. If it isn’t, there might be an issue with your wiring or the antenna hardware.

You can test the signal by pressing Menu on your Directv box and scrolling down to ‘System Setup’. Next, scroll down to ‘Troubleshooting’ and ‘Signal Information’. If you have a strong signal here (95% or more), make sure your antenna is screwed on tight and try re-scanning the channels. If the problem persists, contact DirecTV for further assistance.

8 Benefits of Using Directv Box

1. Watch Channel in High Definition:

If you use the Directv box to hook up an antenna, you will be able to enjoy the high-definition channels and the high-definition pictures that they provide.

2. Record Channel without VCR:

There are some channels provided by the Directv box that allow you to record them while watching another channel on the Directv box simultaneously. Also, you can record two things simultaneously while watching another program on TV off of the Directv box.

3. Fast Forward the Recorded Channel:

You can use the Directv box remote control to fast-forward the recorded channel. You can skip the commercials during your recording or when you are watching the other channels on the Directv box.

4. Choose Your Billing Cycle:

You choose to choose your own billing cycle when you decide to hook up the antenna to the Directv box so that you only pay for what you watch.

Only Pay for What You Watch

5. Design for Whole House Entertainment:

You can choose any receiver of Directv box you want throughout your house while simultaneously watching the same program. Also, you will be allowed to change channels from one TV set to another.

6. Channels Can Be Saved:

You will be able to save your desired channel with a simple push of a button on the Directv box remote control. You can also create a new folder for those channels you have saved to remember each channel you have saved. In addition, you can delete unwanted or undesired channels by pushing a button on the Directv box remote control.

7. Use Digital Video Recorder:

You can also use a Directv box as a DVR; it will record your favorite shows automatically and you can watch them on your TV whenever you want to. In addition, you can also use the Directv box as a VCR for recording shows that are important to you.

8. Watch On Multiple TVs:

You can hook up your Directv box to multiple televisions and watch different channels on each TV in your house simultaneously. There is no limit on the number of TVs you hook up to your Directv box so that you can watch different channels on each TV screen in your home or office.

Can a Satellite Dish Be Used as an Antenna

Yes, a satellite dish can be used as an antenna. People have been doing this for years. The dish you are familiar with is called a parabola. It is designed to reflect the signal from your satellite provider into the box that decodes it. You could, however, turn that dish into an antenna for free over-the-air broadcasts.

The dish is a reflector which means the same side that the satellite signal comes from will be facing the broadcast tower. To do this you must rotate your dish away from its normal position to point at each of the local broadcast towers in your area.

Because all of these signals travel in a straight line, it does not matter how tall or wide your dish is. The other end will face the sky and should be pointing directly upward.

Can You Get Directv on Your Rv

Directv is a great choice for RVers because you get many viewing options. And it’s easy to hook up; all you need is an antenna and cable or satellite connection, and you’re practically there. You can get a great antenna that will do the trick.

Just about any digital antenna will work because Directv uses a digital signal. Hence, you only have to be concerned about how long your cable or satellite connection is. But, of course, you want it as short as possible for convenience and safety, so use a high-quality RG6 cable.


Directv provides excellent programming, but there may be times when you want to watch local channels. You can do this by hooking up an antenna to your Directv box. This is a simple process that only takes a few minutes to complete. First, locate the coaxial input on the back of your Directv box. This is where you will plug in the end of your antenna cable. Next, connect the other end of the cable to the antenna itself.

Input on the Back of Your Directv Box

If you use an outdoor antenna, ensure it is correctly grounded before attaching it to the cable. Once everything is connected, go into your settings and scan for channels. The Antenna TV section should now be populated with all of the local channels in your area.

We hope this blog post on how to hook up antenna to directv box has been able to guide you. If you have any questions or want to know more then feel free to comment below!

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