How to Make a Hole Bigger Without a Drill

There is sometimes dire need of drilling holes in wood panels. In woodcrafts, this much essential. But a scarcity of drill machines may cause this work to get delayed. In such cases, drilling a hole without the use of a drilling machine can be much helpful. For this reason, today, we are going to suggest a procedure on how to make a hole bugger without a drill. This will be much beneficial for the users, and the skills can be highly enhanced. The use of automated machinery is prohibited while performing this technique.

How to Make a Hole Bigger Without a Drill


Making a hole without a drill is not an easy task to do, and it is quite difficult for beginners. But once you have learned the process, you can quickly adapt this technique and make the hole bigger without using the drill machine. So first you have to take a wood panel which will not be much more significant. We prefer that the dimension of the wood remains between twelve inches long and two inches in width.

Next, you have to take two nails and use a hammer to punch them. But there is a precise manner to inject the pins in the wood. You have to take the first nail and pierce at the top end of the wood, and then you have to take the second nail and mark the radius of the hole that you want to cut starting from the first nail. Then pierce the second nail at the point of the radius. We have to punch both pins in such a manner that they get past through the whole wood.

Now you have to make sure that the second nail is more pierced than the first nail. This will be helpful to keep the hole in a sustained position. Now you have to take the wooden piece in which you want to make the hole and mark the center of the circle. You can easily mark the center by drawing two diagonals on the wood; the diagonals’ intersection will be the center of the circle. Now place the second nail at the center and start encircling the point.

You have to continue encircling with the nail until you can see the permanent groves formed. Thus you will get a circle engraved in the wood. And if you extend the technique, then quickly you will be able to cut a hole in the wood. So you use any radius, and the hole will be exactly equal to your desired dimension. In this manner, without using a drill machine, you can easily carve a hole in the wood and make the hole bigger.

How to Make a Hole Bigger Without a Drill


Lastly, we hope that the technique we have mentioned has been much help to make the hole bigger without a drill machine. This technique avoids the usage of any automated equipment for the process, which is much beneficial when the materials are scarce. The DIY skills of the beginner who is intending to perform the task will be highly improved. Happy crafting! Have a beautiful day!!

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