How to Identify a Lemurian Crystal

The Lemuria quartz crystal is one of the ancient crystals that will help you retrieve information about the lost civilization of Lemuria. These are unique and sets one kind of connection between ancient times.

How to Identify a Lemurian Crystal

Maybe you are fond of collecting crystals; then, a Lemurian crystal will be a wonderful item to collect. But how would you identify a Lemurian crystal? Well, that’s easy, and I am gonna show you how, right here in this article.

How To Identify A Lemurian Crystal

Lemurian means that it is a field and how you recognize that they have got a striated line going up the shank of the court. When you have a closer look at the stones, you can see quite clearly there you have got the striated lines going up to the side of the quartz. Some Lemurians are pink, and some without any natural or distinctive textures on the surface.

These textures indicate they have come right to your hand without any polishing. No matters what color or shape a Lemurian have, you have to ensure a pointy face at the top. It looks like three faces, and it is almost like a nuclear hazard fallout shelter symbol.

Sometimes you will find them a very detailed and nice point like a small arrowhead. Some of the gigantic Lemurians can have a different look from one side to another. You will notice that one of its sides may have a clear look, where another side may seem to be a bit frosty.

Getting into the Spiritual Side of a Lemurian Crystal

Lemuria crystals have a resonance with the sixth chakra, located in your throat. The sixth chakra is often associated with speaking and creativity, so this may be why Lemurian stones are thought to help people access their creative potential.

Getting Into The Spiritual Side Of A Lemurian Crystal

They’re also said to work well when communicating what you want or need from others as they offer clarity that will lead you down the path of least resistance which can then open up new opportunities for communication. If we know how powerful our thoughts can be, imagine what a stone made out of pure intention could do? There’s no telling!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are The Benefits of Lemurian Crystals?
What are The Benefits of Lemurian Crystals
  • They are a great healing tool because they help the user connect with their “higher self.”
  • They’re also said to amplify and balance energy.
  • Finally, these crystals can support telepathic communication!
  • What Else Can You Do With A Lemurian Crystal?

A Lemurian crystal is more than just something that you use for meditation or stress relief- there’s so much potential in them when it comes down to what they can do.

For example: using them as an emotional release stone, as a way of connecting with earth energies, amplifying chakra alignment, and opening up your life path intuition – all things that this crystal has been known for doing since ancient times.

  • What are the Uses of A Lemurian Crystal?

A Lemurian Crystal is a quartz crystal found on the earth for 600 million years. The usage of this type of crystals are as follows:

Lemuria Stone Healing – This stone can be used to heal oneself and others from any illness or injury, including emotional wounds such as depression or anxiety. It also aids with attuning oneself to their higher purpose and spiritual lessons they need to learn on Earth before reincarnating back into physical form.

Reiki Healing – After using a Lemurian Crystal on oneself, it can then be used to heal others.

Meditation Aid – This type of crystal will help one have better balance in their lives and open up more communication with the divine. It helps one find out what they need and how best to get there.

Self-Love Stone –This stone is often worn or carried by those self-conscious about their own appearance; overweight people especially use this stone for weight loss because it gives them confidence. The energy from these crystals also aids in hair growth when placed behind the ears.

Is it Legal to Buy Lemurian Crystals?

If you are an American, it is legal to buy Lemurian crystals. They do not have any restrictions on imports from other countries in the U.S., but each state might have its own import laws that will be different depending on where they get shipped to.

For example, if your shipment gets directed towards California and then makes its way through Los Angeles or San Francisco before reaching San Diego by land transportation, it may be subject to a tax at customs which could cause delays for the delivery time of 15 days after arrival into the US port(s).

It’s best to research this information with whichever shipping service provider you choose so you know what to expect ahead of time!

Final Thoughts

Well, Lemurians may come from different countries and in different shapes. So you just have to identify them with their pointy head and the texture. Hopefully, this guide will help you a lot.

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