How to Polish Obsidian by Hand

Obsidian is simply a volcanic glass that exists naturally. As felsic lava cools rapidly, this type of rock is formed as felsic lava cools. These rocks are commonly found at the edges of rhyolitic lava streams that are also known as obsidian streams. You might have collected some of these beautiful stones, or you may already have them in your house; in both cases, you have to first learn how to polish obsidian by hand. It’s because these stones lose their beautiful appearance within a short time, and if you don’t pay proper attention, they will become nothing but a piece of crap. In this article, I am going to show you how to polish obsidian stone with some simple techniques. So, let’s dive in!

How to Polish Obsidian by Hand

In order to obtain a beautiful texture, you have to first run through pre-polish. For this, I have selected two tumblers of 500 grit, and I am going to add my stones to it. Then I am going to add one tablespoon of borax and half a tablespoon of aluminum oxide in it. Remember, this mixture is for per barrel. My rocks are already waiting, and that’s why I am not going to use much water. Only add a little amount of water for the process. The pre-polishing time should be run for three days, and during the process, you can also add a little amount of dish soap.

After the pre-polish method is done, you have to dive into the second process. It is quite as same as the previous one. First, wash the stones properly and put them inside of the tumbler with the same amount of mixture of aluminum oxide and borax. Let the process continue for three days, and after that, you will get your nice and beautiful stone to attract your eyes.

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