How to Increase Stitches in Crochet

Are you looking to up your crafting game and take on more complicated crochet projects? If so, understanding how to increase stitches in crochet is an important fundamental skill that must be mastered. Whether it’s used for shaping garments, including decorations or building rows of fabric, having a solid knowledge of increases will help elevate your work above the rest and provide you with endless opportunities to make unique pieces.

In this blog post, we discuss why increasing stitches can be useful as well as practical guidance for correctly carrying out various forms of increases during your next project.

How to Increase Stitches in Crochet

Making adjustments to the number of stitches and rows can greatly improve the look or shape of a finished project.

In this blog post, we will explain how to increase stitches in crochet. From basic increases like single and double crochets, to fancy increases like puff stitches and crossed front post double crochets, we’ll cover it all! We’ll also discuss ways that these techniques work best when creating different types of projects. Get ready to learn some exciting new stitching techniques!

Why May You Want to Increase Stitches in Crochet?

1. To Add a Decorative Detail

One of the most common reasons to increase stitches in crochet is to add a decorative detail to your project. Increases can be used to form curves, create texture or shape the piece for certain designs.

2. To Increase Size

Adding extra stitches into your row of crochet is also an effective way of increasing the size of a project. This technique is especially useful for items such as garments which may require extra room for comfort.

3. To Create a New Stitch Pattern

If you’re feeling adventurous, increasing stitches in crochet can also be used to create unique and intricate stitch patterns. This is done by continually adding new stitches into each row, resulting in a pattern that decreases or increases depending on the desired outcome.

Adding Extra Stitches Into Your Row of Crochet

4. To Make a Foundation Chain

In some patterns, you’ll need to increase stitches in order to make a foundation chain. This is usually done when crocheting in the round, as it allows you to create an even and stable base for your project.

By understanding how to increase stitches in crochet, you can open up a world of possibilities in terms of design and project size. Plus, it’s a relatively simple process that can be mastered in no time!

How to Increase Stitches in Crochet in 6 Easy Steps

Step 1: Gather All The Tools You Will Need

The very first step is to make sure you have everything you need to increase your stitches in crochet. You will need a crochet hook, yarn or thread, and scissors.

Step 2: Make a Slip Knot and Place It on The Hook

Begin by making a slip knot with the yarn or thread, then place it onto the crochet hook. This will be the start of your foundation chain. Also make sure you pull your yarn or thread tight around the hook so it does not come undone.

Placed the Slip Knot Onto the Hook

Step 3: Make a Chain of Desired Length

Once you have placed the slip knot onto the hook, begin making a chain with it. This will be the foundation chain and should be made to whatever length you need for your project.

Step 4: Insert Crochet Hook into The Second Chain from The Hook

Once you have your foundation chain made, carefully insert the crochet hook into the second chain from the hook. Also make sure you pull your yarn or thread tight around the hook so it does not come undone.

Step 5: Pull Yarn Through The Chain Stitch

Once the crochet hook is inserted, you can begin to increase your stitches by pulling the yarn through the chain stitch. Do this until you have increased to the desired number of stitches. Be careful not to pull too tight, as this can cause your stitches to become too tight and difficult to work with.

Step 6: Finish Off Your Stitch

Once you have increased the desired number of stitches in your crochet project, it is important to finish off your stitch. To do this, cut the yarn or thread from the skein and then pull it through the last loop on the hook.

Now you have completed increasing stitches in crochet! Congratulations on learning this skill and following these steps to successfully increase stitches in crochet. You can now use this skill in all kinds of projects, from blankets to garments. Have fun with it!

Some Additional Tips to Increase Stitches in Crochet

1. Do Not Pull Too Tightly

When increasing your stitches, be sure to leave a bit of space between each stitch. This will help ensure that you don’t pull too tightly and create an uneven pattern. Also make sure to use the same tension throughout your entire project.

2. Choose the Right Hook Size

Choosing the right hook size is also important when increasing stitches in crochet. If you’re using a larger hook than recommended, this might cause your stitches to become too loose and sloppy. On the other hand, if you use a smaller hook size than suggested, you’ll find it difficult to keep tension in the stitches. You may also end up with a much tighter fabric, which could cause your project to be too stiff and rigid.

3. Do Not Skip Stitches

Skipping Stitches Can Create Holes and Gaps

When increasing your stitches, make sure you are not skipping any of them. Skipping stitches can create holes and gaps in your final product and make it look uneven. If you skip stitches, it will also affect the overall size and shape of your project.

4. Take Your Time

Take your time when increasing your stitches and do not rush through them. Make sure each stitch is made correctly before moving on to the next one. This will help ensure that all of your stitches are even and uniform, resulting in a better-looking finished product.

5. Practice Makes Perfect

Finally, remember that practice makes perfect when it comes to increasing stitches in crochet. So take the time to experiment and practice until you are comfortable with the technique. This will help ensure that your projects look neat and professional every time!

By following these simple tips, you should be able to increase your stitches in crochet with ease. Taking the time to learn this technique will enhance your skills and help you create beautiful projects. Good luck!

Frequently Asked Question

What Precautions Should Be Taken When Increasing Stitches in Crochet?

When increasing stitches in crochet, it is important to keep the tension of your yarn even. Too much tension can cause the project to become distorted and too little tension can make it sloppy. Make sure to check each stitch when you increase them so that they are all consistent. Additionally, use a larger hook size if needed to maintain an even tension.

What Benefits Are There When Increasing Stitches in Crochet?

Increasing stitches is a great way to shape your pieces and create interesting textures. It can also be used to add extra detail or give the project more dimension. Increasing stitches can also help make the piece larger if additional size is needed.

How Can I Easily Increase Stitches in Crochet?

One of the easiest ways to increase stitches is by making a chain stitch. To do this, you will need to make a single crochet stitch into the same stitch from the previous row and then make another single crochet. This will create two additional stitches in your project.

Another easy way to increase stitches is by making double or triple crochet stitches. To do this, start by making a chain stitch followed by 1-3 yarn overs and then pull the yarn through all of the loops on your hook. This will create multiple stitches in one single motion.

Which Crochet Projects Require More Stitches?

Projects such as afghans, sweaters, and scarves typically require more stitches. Blankets often need hundreds of stitches while sweaters and scarves may require several thousand. It is important to plan ahead when creating these types of projects and make sure you have enough yarn to accommodate the number of stitches needed. Additionally, increasing stitches correctly can help create an even texture throughout the project.

Increase Stitches is by Making a Chain Stitch


Learning how to increase stitches in crochet is a fundamental skill. Using either the single or double crochet increases, your crocheting projects can expand beyond blankets and hats as you dive into more intricate patterns. It’s amazing to see just how much can be created with the humble craft of crocheting, so if you have a desire to learn how to increase stitches then don’t hesitate! 

As they say, practice makes perfect, so pick up a hook and yarn and get ready to create something wonderful! While it may seem intimidating at first, after a little while and practice you’ll find yourself able to create the complex patterns self-confidence. With this newfound knowledge you can use this skill on any project where an increase in stitches is necessary – from blankets to scarves – so go forth and unleash your inner crochet master!

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