How to Install a Kenmore Dishwasher

Most of us use the dishwasher in our house, it is relatively easy to wash the dishes in these, and there is also a saving of time by using this machine. But sometimes when people buy these machines from the internet, it becomes difficult for them to install it in their kitchen. For this reason, we will suggest a technique on how to install a Kenmore dishwasher, which will be much beneficial for you to get full knowledge about the necessary steps that should be followed.


Many steps can be followed for installing these dishwashers, but some are not simple, and these can easily trick the minds of the readers. Thus, we have shortlisted some necessary steps that you can easily follow and have a proper dishwasher installation. These steps are simplified below.

Step One

At first, you have to manage all the necessary equipment needed for the entire installation process. You will require a drill machine some anchors, and then you will need a ranch to tighten the screws. You will also require a universal water pipe. This is much needed because the dishwasher does not come with them. You will also need a power cable, which will help you attach the dishwasher line to the main current supply.

Step Two

Now you have to open the dishwasher and clear all the attachments which came with the shipping. After you have done it, you should take the dishwasher and place it upside down. Now you have to take a drill machine and dismantle the kick plate, which was already installed in the dishwasher. This will give proper access to the electrical compartment of the device. Now you have to take the power cable that you have already bought and installed it with the dishwasher’s central lie.

Step Three

Next, you have to take the universal water supply cable and attach it with the dishwasher’s water inlet line. The universal water supply lines come with a long pipe and a ninety-degree elbow. You have to use some white tape and then attach the elbow with the dishwasher’s water inlet. Then you will connect the main water line to the machine, and in this manner, the necessary installation of the dishwasher will be complete.

Step Four

Now you have to place the dishwasher inside the cabinet and measure the distance from the bottom of the cabinet to the dishwasher’s top. There should not be more than half inches of gap between these two surfaces. So you can adjust by revolving the screw, which is attached to the dishwasher. Then you have to screw the dishwasher to the cabinet. And lastly, you have to reinstall the kick plate, and then you can use the dishwasher.


In conclusion, we hope that the process that we have stated here will help install the Kenmore dishwasher in your kitchen. This is an admirable DIY technique that you can follow, and it will also help you work solo. Thanks for tour precious time. Have a nice day!

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