How to Install a Lamp Post Without Concrete


Outdoor lighting has a great deal to offer us. This could prolong a day out for business or leisure, and keep the area better by letting us see how we’re going in the darkness. Even a well-lit backyard will prevent violence. The selection of lighting systems choices varies from motion-sensing spotlights and sodium-vapor yard and lower-voltage garden lighting and modern light stations.

How to Install a Lamp Post Without Concrete

Everyone has a requirement, and it’s the modest post illumination we’re going to concentrate on here. We chose to provide a simple light highlighting the yard and acting as a central focus separating the vacant yard area between two places.


The first move is by using a posthole excavator to scratch out an 18-inch gap underneath it all. Then, a concrete shape is crosscut such that it is around 2 inches. Longer than the diameter of the void.

Using a Posthole Excavator to Scratch Out an 18-inch Gap Underneath It All

how to install a lamp post without concrete

Then cut a hole at the base of the outline, and match the circle with 1/2-inch.-dia. A 90 ° angle and PVC pipe. Attach the parts along with cement made from Plastic. Put the system in the void and even it out.

Refill with earth across the base, or use wooden scrape supports to keep it stable. Concrete scoop cautiously into the structure. Please ensure the PVC conduit surface stays fixed in shape. After one more time inspecting the flat base, it smoothed the surface layer with a hand-floating.

Thread lever screws by bracket carry-down, allowing 1 inch on top on frames. Attach the screws to the ground. Build an 18-inch-deep trench from the power supply to the lamp post. This was the Board in our situation. Replace the concrete shape, and cut the tag from the end of the duct—adhesive a connection on the first section of the pipe to the branch.
Keep a 45 angle or 90 ° elbow in position if you choose to change lanes. If you mount the duct as we could, you would have to add a slipping linking and an LB duct structure underneath a board before you get to the ground. The LB PVC structure is the PVC covering, which links the longitudinal pipe with the lateral line, which runs under the slide.

How to Install a Lamp Post Without Concrete 2

The slip connection helps the tube to shift to settle the ground. Start by affixing the slide connecting to the 1/2-in bottom end. The body conducts LB. Then do a 1-inch-dia drill. Move via the board joist section. Attach a 1⁄2-inch thread. Conduct suitable to the LB.

Then push a bolt into the installing tab of the LB connector frame and the Board’s framework. Operated the duct below ground, provided with hangers every 4 feet. When you lack enough extra room underneath the Board, sideboard frames need to be withdrawn to add conduit.

To access the GFCI-protected receiver, switch off the electricity to the receiver first, and cut its climate-proof protection. Then perform 1/2-in. EMT actions between the attachment panel and the framework of a tee pipe. Broaden a pipe duration from the base of the tee conducts into the Board. We mounted 14-ga insulation separately. Cables, eliminating cables that are too hard to pull via 1/2-in.

Place the Lighting Points on the Pole

We were using a white, a black, as well as a green cable on the surface. Place the lighting points on the pole, then insert lines from the base into the post once they reflect light from its edge. Tip the bar and position the foundation over the hold-down screws. Fasten the bolts tightly with a hammer but not overly.

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