How to Install a Pre-hung Exterior Door in Concrete Block


Sometimes it becomes much necessary to install a pre0hung door in the concrete walls of our house, these pre-hung doors are much easy to install, and the features of these doors are much admired. But many of us go through the dilemma of how to install these doors. For this reason, we are going to suggest a technique on installing a pre-hung exterior door in a concrete block. This will be much beneficial for the people who are in construction

How to Install a Exterior Door in Concrete Block "Pre hung"


Pre-hung doors are essential for proper construction purposes in our house. These doors are much sturdy, and they can go for long term usage without any significant issues. The process of installing these doors into the concrete is much comfortable.

  • Step One

To install a pre-hung door, first attach the door frame. This is the primary feature of pre-hung doors, as they come with a frame that can be custom made or bought from a market. Always use a weather-resistant frame made from green treated timber.

Install the Frame of the Door
  • Step Two

In this step, you need to prepare the frame for attaching it to the concrete wall. To do this, you first need to place the timber horizontally and then use a drill machine to make holes in the wood. You can use any suitable drill machine for this purpose. However, for the best results, we suggest that you use concrete anchors since they will remain firm to the concrete walls, and this will be sturdy enough for the frame.

  • Step Three

Now you have to make five holes in the timber and then place the timber parallel to the wall. Then, take the drill machine and drill holes inside the wall. This will be quite challenging for the beginners, so we prefer that you place the frame and then taking the holes of the frame as a guide drill holes in the wall. It is better to attach the concrete anchors as soon as you have drilled a timber hole. In this manner, the timber will not move from the position.

Drill Necessary Hole
  • Step Four

Now you have to correct the level of the frame with a leveler. After the frame is installed in the concrete wall, you must start working for the jamb. The jamb will be installed after the frame because the concrete walls get more firmly attached to the frame, and the frame will hold the door jamb properly. You can use any suitable adhesive for installing the jamb, but you have to make sure that the glue keeps the jamb aloof from further settlement.

  • Step Five

In this step, you have to install the hinges of the door. You have to make sure that the door’s total frame has at least a one-eighth-inch gap from the wall. This is much needed because the anchors might affect the walls. To install the hinges with your necessary tools and screws. After the hinges are installed, make sure to install the door and check the alignment with a leveler. Throughout the process, reviewing the level of the door is much needed.

  • Step Six

This is the last step of the process after you have done all the necessary works you have to install the door. You have to attach the hinge with the door and then make it firm by using anchors. You can use the usual anchors in this case. After this, you must put a weather-resistant coating on the door as well as on the frame. As it is an exterior door, so it is better to use such layers. This will make the door ling lasting.

How to Install a Exterior Door in Concrete Block %22Pre hung%22


In conclusion, we would like to state that installing a pre-hung door is quite easy, and it is only accessible when you want to learn the process. We assure you that the technique we have discussed here will be helpful for the beginners and the professionals. DIY enthusiasts can get a good lesson for this process, and the person working skills will undoubtedly be improved. Thank you for your patience. Have a beautiful day.

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