How to Install Wall Cabinets in Laundry Room

Wall cabinet is actually a term that is used to define the top cabinets elevated above the counter area. It offers the maximum amount of versatility for storing bunch household items, and that’s why it is one of the favorite items for the homeowners. Maybe you are also interested in installing this useful item in your laundry room. Well, that’s obviously a good idea. With the help of this item, you will be able to store the clothes and keep your room clean. But the question is how to install wall cabinets in laundry room? In this article, I am going to show you how just make sure to stick with the article until the end.

How to Install Wall Cabinets in Laundry Room

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Step 1
First thing first, you have to locate your studs and ensure the correct placement of the cabinet. The studs are things that you are going to put screws in through the cabinet and into the wall. Mark the places where you have got the studs.

Step 2

Once you have got the marks, you have to now use the level and then put it right on these marks. Mark a line. Once you have your marks on the wall exactly where your studs, you have to now grab a scrap piece of wood (2×4). Hold the wood piece underneath the line.

This wooden piece is going to be the bottom of your cabinet. Normally the cabinets are installed at 18 inches high, so make sure to maintain that height. Whatever height you take, line the wood piece with the line that you have made with the level.

Now, mark the 2×4 piece with at the same places where you have marked on the wall. You have to put the screws within these marked areas.

Step 3

Now, you have to secure the wood piece with the wall. For this, I will suggest you use four-inch screws. The screw has to go through the 2×4 wood piece and then go through the wall.

So, it should have a good height so that it can hold the wood piece properly.

Step 4

Next, take some large head screws and start working with the cabinet. In this case, you have to pre-drill the cabinet so that it doesn’t get damaged during the mounting process. Once you have drilled the rear part of the cabinet, you have to now hold it on the marked area and start attaching it to the screws.

You will need another helping hand for holding the cabinet with the wall. After mounting it with the screws, your cabinet, the installation will be completed.If you need to install more cabinets, measure the residual area of the wood piece, and repeat the process again. See, told you, it’s pretty simple.

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