How to Install Gravel under Deck

Do you want to learn about the actual process of how to install gravel under the deck? If yes, then you can follow this article. A deck is a remarkable technique to expand your open-air area and feature a stage floor after that to sit down and lean back. Making sure that it is going to close, however, starts with the floor underneath it.

how to install gravel under deck

Agencies that introduce decks endorse using washed rock or squashed stone beneath the deck. The proper stone lets precipitation burn up forestall plant development and dampness far away from the wooden people. It shields the floor from disintegration and the wood from decay.

The Process

  1. Try to be mindful to focus the opening on the situation for the pier. Unique separation among docks can be observed in lots of books about deck development.
  2. Fill the base with around one inch of rock, sand, or pea rock. It will permit you to make a level surface to put the paver on.Fill-the-base-with-around-one-inch
  3. Conservative the rock at the base of the gap. It is imperative to keep the deck’s heaviness from pushing the wharves down and making hangs in the deck.
  4. Check the paper in the base opening and check for level by putting a post with square-cut closures on the paver.
  5. Once the paver is a stage, every which manner, the time has come to decide the wharf duration.
  6. Utilize an outspread or hack saw to slice the docks to length.
  7. When the port is cut to size, review the stature laying the level record and the pier’s head.
  8. Find the dock by way of estimating from two regarded focuses.
  9. If you have a specific location, mark the base of the pier with a felt pen.
  10. Cautiously fill the gap with free soil until it is 4 inches somewhere down in the whole opening.
  11. Carefully p.c. the soil with some other docks or put up while clutching the pier to hold it from moving.
  12. Fill the staying earth with four creeps, one after another and conservative.
  13. Utilize the additional soil to make a slanted top around the pier to debilitate water from gathering close to the dock.
  14. Your endeavors ought to bring about a level-adjusted resting place for the shaft.


The gravel is heavy, so it’s best if two people help with this project; wear gloves and safety goggles at all times for protection from sharp rocks and other small debris that might be in the soil before installation begins. Once installed, make sure there are no gaps between pieces where water could pool while retaining its ability to let air through underneath – add more stones until they’re level with each other or use sand instead of dirt on top.

Make Sure There Are No Gaps Between Pieces

The Necessity of Installing Gravel Under Deck

Not everyone realizes the benefits of installing gravel under the deck. It is not a new trend in home construction, but it will likely become one as more people begin to realize that they can save time and money by using this inexpensive option for their landscaping needs. So what are some advantages? There are many different reasons why you would want to install gravel around your property, but here are just a few:

  • It prevents weed growth.
  • It allows moisture to seep into the ground, which is a much better option than hydro systems that are more expensive and take up space.
  • You can plant flowers with gravel as well. The plants will grow through it and around it, giving you an attractive new look without having to spend money on artificial landscaping or hiring someone else to do it for you. How great is that? No matter what your needs or limitations are when it comes to yard work, installing gravel under the deck may be just what you need!

Key Considerations While Installing Gravel Under Deck

When installing gravel under a deck, you may need to remove the existing ground cover and create an area of compacted aggregate mix. This is usually done with a compressor-powered tiller or jackhammer mounted on wheels to be towed around easily.

The depth of this layer would depend on how much frost penetration there typically is in your region – if it’s below 15 inches, you might want to install only one inch deep; for up to 18 inches, two inches deep should suffice; if more than 18 inches of frost penetrates through during winter months, three-inch deep layers may be required.

After laying down sand or other material as a base coat (if needed), place four-inch geotextile fabric over the top and then compact it with a heavy roller.

Which Gravels Are Best for Under Deck Installation?

how to install gravel under deck

– Bagged gravel is easier to carry, but it gets dirty easily when delivered in bags. This type of gravel also takes more time to clean up because debris from delivery can get into the bagged product.

It costs less per square foot than bulk, though if you’re using baled straw as an underlayment, there’s no benefit to buying bagged material. Nowadays, many people choose to install loose (bulk) stone which is spread out like mulch instead of filling dirt holes with compacted rock that must be lifted by hand.


By following all the steps that we mentioned above, you will successfully learn how to install gravel under the deck. And along with that, we believe you can now apply your acquired knowledge in practice:l work.

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