How to Keep Aluminum Shiny


Whether it is your house or your workplace place, you will find some aluminum-made things lying around. Some of them could be very important to you. One thing about aluminum is that they tend to lose their shine quickly. So, what to do when the aluminum is no shinier? We will tell you how to keep aluminum shiny.

How to Keep Aluminum Shiny
How to Keep Aluminum Shiny

Dealing with aluminum is far better than iron and other elements. All you need to look out for is that your aluminum is clean and shiny. You can quickly learn how to keep aluminum shiny by following the steps we will tell you, so keep reading ahead.

Required Materials:

  • Glass cleaner
  • Microfiber cloths
  • Plastic scraper or spatula

A Process on How To Keep Aluminum Shiny

Process One

  • Start by getting a bucket of water. Next, get some aluminum foil and pour the water on it until you have a ball that’s about one foot in diameter. The more water you use, the shinier your aluminum will be! You can also add bleach to increase how shiny your aluminum is.

To ensure the top surface stays clean, try dipping a paper towel into alcohol or hydrogen peroxide and wiping over it before adding water to cover up any spots left behind.

  • Make sure that when you’re done with this process, all surfaces are dry, so they don’t rust easily due to moisture still being present from washing them off too soon after finishing working on them!

If you want an even shine for both sides of the aluminum, you can dip the side that’s facing up in bleach before flipping it over to get a clean surface.

  • Make sure your bucket has enough water for both sides of the aluminum!

Here are some other tips: – Use dish soap and warm water if any spots have been left on after rinsing them off with cold water. You don’t want anything leftover that will cause rust or other problems down the line.

  • Cleaning products like SOS pads work well as long as they’re getting rid of all dirt and grime from fingerprints, grease stains, etc.”

Process Two Using Sealant

There is aluminum sealant available at automotive stores and online. You can quickly get your hand on one of them.

The sealant to make the aluminum shiny requires you to wash the aluminum thing properly.

After washing it, dry it with a tower. Spray the sealant on the aluminum properly and start rubbing it with a rough towel.

After rubbing it for a good minute, you will see that the piece of aluminum has turned shiny like before.

Process Three Using Aluminum Wax

Another great way you can bring shine to your aluminum is by using aluminum wax. Again, you can get the wax on any automotive or online store.

To apply the wax, you need to wash the aluminum and dry it like the previous one.

After that, take a little amount of wax on a cloth and start working on the aluminum. You can reapply as much as you need.

Make sure you redo the thing again after a few months.


Before applying any of the methods below, make sure to wash and dry your aluminum surfaces. You can use a soft cloth or paper towel with water and dish soap for this task. Rinse well after washing so you don’t have residue left behind to prevent products from working properly.

  • Use a product made specifically for cleaning aluminum if possible: Armor All makes such as cleaner and protectant spray that is popular among many car owners due to its ability to restore coloration without smudging fingerprints on vehicles’ surface.
  • Turtle Wax also offers an aluminum polish auto accessory, which is often used by professional detailers to provide extra protection against oxidation over time while providing scratch resistance.
  • If you cannot find anything commercially available, use a mixture of white vinegar and water.
  • Add some dish soap to the mix if you have a filthy surface that will not come clean with just the vinegar and water solution.

Be sure to rinse well after using any cleaner or polish not to leave a residue, making maintaining your aluminum surface more difficult in future cleaning sessions.

Doing this prevents scratches from forming on the metal, keeps it looking shiny and new for years while also preventing oxidation over time from making your vehicle look old and worn out before its time.

Final Thoughts

That was all from how to keep aluminum shiny. Hopefully, the tips will help you out. It would help if you always were sincere while using the chemicals. Besides, it is better to wear a mask while performing the tasks not to inhale any harmful chemicals.

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