How to Keep Bugs and Spiders Out of Garage


Having a garage is a great way to store your car, lawnmower, and other tools. However, there are some precautions you need to take when it comes to keeping bugs and spiders out of the garage. Garages attract insects because they provide shelter from the elements as well as protection from predators.

Spiders love garages, too, because it provides them with an ideal habitat for spinning webs and laying eggs. In this article, I will discuss how to keep bugs and spiders out of garage. So let us get started.

How to Keep Bugs and Spiders Out of Garage

A Detailed Stepwise Guide on How to Keep Bugs and Spiders Out of Garage:

1. Clean the Garage:

Garages are large, dirty, and dark places that are very inviting to bugs and spiders. Before you store your stuff in the garage, clean it thoroughly with soap water. Also, make sure that you remove any food crumbs or pet wastes from there.

2. Block All Holes Through Which They Enter:

Repair all broken window screens and also weather stripping on doors if they exist. Make sure that no light enters your garage as spiders feed on insects that come in search of light. Also, ensure that there is no gap where utilities such as cables or pipes pass between inside and outside areas of your house and garage because this will provide a steady flow of bugs right into the garage.

3. Ensure That No Food Is Left Lying Around:

Store all your pet foods inside the house, or if you have a pet that spends more time in the garage, then using an air-tight container for storing these items will be of great use. Also, you should not leave out any food for yourself to attract bugs and spiders into the garage.

4. Clean Up Any Water Accumulations:

Doors are kept open during summers through which many insects enter the garage if damp conditions attract them, so ensure no water accumulations anywhere on your garage floor after it has been cleaned thoroughly with soap water.

Also, check behind appliances such as fridge, washer, etc., where dampness can accumulate and clean them regularly. It can also prevent water accumulation by keeping doors closed as much as possible.

5. Use Insect Repellent:

This is a very effective measure to keep spiders and bugs out of your garage, as insects tend to avoid areas that smell bad or emit certain odors that they do not like. You can buy any commercial insect repellent or even use natural homemade products such as lemon, lavender oil, etc., for the same purpose.

Mix one part peppermint oil with two parts water and spray it all over the garage along with all entry points such as around windows and doors.

Spray It All Over the Garage

6. Pick Up Any Cocoons & Egg Sacks:

One great place where bugs and spiders love to lay their eggs is inside the engine compartment of cars, so if you see any egg sacks or cocoons in there, it is best to remove them as soon as possible. Also, vacuum your car thoroughly and clean all its parts so that the garage floor remains free from its eggs and egg sacks.

7. Use Sticky Traps:

This is one of the most valuable methods to use if you see bugs or spiders inside your garage, as these devices will catch them easily. These traps are generally available at stores that sell insect repellent products and come with their glue on them to ensure easy capture of insects.

If you want a more humane option, applying Vaseline around doors and windows can also work wonders. Unfortunately, they will not be able to crawl over this substance and thus get stuck to it, eventually leading them to die after some time due to dehydration.

8. Use a Good Spider Killer:

When the situation goes beyond the control of all other methods to keep bugs and spiders out of your garage, you can also resort to using a pesticide in this regard if you know too well about which type is best to use for this purpose. Some insects such as flies, ants, and mosquitoes respond well to certain pesticides available in stores.

You can also ask an expert for help choosing the right one according to your specific needs and requirements, such as how oversized is your garage? And if there are any pets or kids around when deciding upon the type of pesticide to use.

Why Bugs and Spiders Infest in Garages?

Garages provide habitat for spiders and bugs because of their dark, moist and dirty environment. Therefore, any clutter in the garage, such as boxes, tools, and old items, will only make the situation worse.

Because garages are often connected to homes, bugs or spiders can easily find their way inside when they locate a crack in the garage door, a broken window, or walk through an opening in the door. They can also be brought into your home on your shoes when you enter from the garage.

Insects that infest in garages tend to eat decaying organic matter ordinary in garages, such as leaves or dead insects, making it essential for homeowners to clean up around the perimeter of their homes at least once a week, especially if they have trees near their home.

Precautions While Reducing Bug Infestation in Garage:

Wear a Mask and Eye Accessories
  • While you are working in the garage, remember to wear a mask and eye accessories.
  • Clean up all the stuff from within your garage properly. You can also apply some chemicals or insecticides on piles of unused objects, which will prevent them from infestation. Spray chlorine over leaking liquids, effluents, and vegetable wastewater drains before doing anything with them. Keep changing effluent water periodically because bugs get attracted to it.
  • Use powder disinfectants over the flooring and concrete walls of your garage often for preventing any possible infestation by insects or bugs. This will be very helpful for your kids while playing in the garage as well. Also, avoid storing paints, oils, and other greasy items inside your garage because they give a scent that attracts insects.
  • For preventing bug infestation, you can also place citrus fruit peels or slices of lemons in the garage. The odor of citrus fruits repels bugs.
  • Keep your garage free from clutter because it creates a safe hiding place for bugs.
  • If you have an old bedside commode box in your garage, replace it with a new one as soon as possible because they provide shelter to many insects and bugs.


I hope this article has offered all the necessary instructions on how to keep bugs and spiders out of garage. Ensure all the precautions. Thank you and have a nice day!

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