How to Keep Robot Vacuum From Getting Stuck Under Furniture

Robot vacuums can help you keep your floors clean and tidy, but they tend to have a problem with getting stuck. If the vacuum cleaner constantly gets stuck under furniture or in tight spaces, there are some steps that you can take on how to keep robot vacuum from getting stuck under furniture .

If you have a robot vacuum, it can be frustrating when it gets stuck under your furniture. The best way to prevent this is to make sure the vacuum has adequate space around the perimeter of each room’s flooring. If you cannot leave sufficient space for the vacuum, consider using a magnetic strip or an adhesive mat that will help guide it back on course if it starts getting off track. Read on to know more information!

How to Keep Robot Vacuum From Getting Stuck Under Furniture

10 Ways on How to Keep Robot Vacuum From Getting Stuck Under Furniture:

1. Don’t Let the Robot Vacuum Cross Over the Cord.

When the robot vacuum is done cleaning, make sure you do not let it cross over the power cord. If this happens, the robot vacuum might get stuck, especially if the power cord is under a large piece of furniture.

2. Plug It Into an Extension Cord.

When you plug the power cord into an extension cord, there is more distance between the wall and robot vacuum. This gives the robot vacuum more room to move around and get unstuck if it’s stuck under a piece of furniture.

3. Remove Large Obstacles From the Ground.

Large obstacles such as toys, remote controls, and shoes can prevent the robot vacuum from reaching your floors. Ensure that these large objects are not on the ground and out of the way, so the robot vacuum does not get stuck.

4. Keep an Eye on It While It’s Cleaning.

Make sure you keep an eye on where the robot vacuum is cleaning because it might get stuck under furniture if you don’t. This way, immediately know when the robot vacuum runs into an obstacle and hopefully rectify the situation before the robot vacuum gets stuck.

5. Don’t Let It Clean for Too Long.

When you set your robot vacuum to clean for an extended period, it might get stuck under furniture if it cleans until the battery runs out. Make sure to set it on a shorter cleaning time so that the robot vacuum does not run into problems when it’s done cleaning.

set it on a shorter cleaning time

6. Don’t Let Your Dog or Cat Play With It While It Cleans.

When you have pets, especially ones that like to play with robot vacuums, make sure you do not let the pet play with the robot vacuum while it cleans. If a dog or a cat gets ahold of the robot vacuum, they might injure themselves and get the robot vacuum stuck under furniture.

7. Remove Obstacles Before You Set Them to Clean.

Before you set your robot vacuum to clean, make sure that no large objects can get stuck under the robot vacuum’s wheels. Otherwise, the robot vacuum might accidentally get stuck under furniture when it cleans.

8. Don’t Use Small Wheels on Large Furniture.

If you have a robot vacuum with small wheels, do not try to clean under large pieces of furniture because this will only get the robot vacuum more stuck. Instead, stick to cleaning underneath smaller pieces of furniture if possible.

9. Use the Remote Control That Comes With It.

If you own a robot vacuum and need to move it, try using the remote control with the robot vacuum instead of moving it physically. Moving it physically might get the robot more stuck under furniture if your furniture is heavy or oversized.

Try Using the Remote Control

10. Use the Side Sweeper Attachment..

To clean a robot vacuum under furniture, try using the side sweeper attachment if it has one. This small piece of equipment comes with some robot vacuums and attaches to the front instead of underneath for easy access. To use it, attach it onto the front and start cleaning. Afterward, detach it and continue regularly scheduled cleaning.

Note: If you keep the robot vacuum from getting stuck under furniture regularly, you will save time because it won’t get stuck as often. It should also last for years to come if you regularly take care of it properly.

Some Tips and Suggestions:

1. Get the room as clean as possible before turning on the robot vacuum

2. Make sure you are using the right mode for your particular flooring

3. Some robot vacuums come with advanced sensors that will help them avoid problems

4. Keep an eye on the robot vacuum and monitor its activities to avoid getting stuck under furniture. Then, be ready to intervene if needed.

5. If you think your robot vacuum has a problem, try calling customer service and explaining the situation. They might be able to help or offer tips on how to prevent it from happening again.

6. Be patient! Sometimes it will take a few times for your robot vacuum to learn its surroundings and avoid getting stuck under furniture, but it will eventually.

7. Placing strips of tape down will help your robot vacuum follow the line to avoid detouring unexpectedly.

8. Make minor adjustments to your furniture and room layout, if needed. For example, if the robot vacuum always seems to get stuck at a specific spot, repositioning or changing around items may help prevent it from happening again in the future.

Things to Consider When Using Robot Vacuum for Cleaning:

Ensure That It Gets 
Enough Time to Charge

1. Ensure that it gets enough time to charge.

2. Ensure that the rooms are free of obstacles, e.g., cables and clutter, before setting it loose in the room.

3. Keep track of its location, especially when getting near a wall or under furniture where you cannot see it well from above.

4. When stuck under furniture, don’t assume that the robot vacuum will stay stuck in that position for many minutes.

5. If you see your robot vacuum is stuck under a piece of furniture and moving around in circles, then lifting the furniture may allow it to escape within seconds.

6. However, if you lift the furniture too early, then there is a chance that the robot vacuum will get stuck again.

7. If you lift the furniture and notice that your robot vacuum is stuck under it at an angle, one side of the edge is touching the floor. In contrast, the other side is lifted off the floor, then taking action to free it may be difficult unless one is very good at puzzle-solving.


To prevent your robot vacuum from getting stuck under furniture, make sure to set it up correctly. We’ve outlined a few tips in this blog post to help you avoid this problem and keep your floors clean. These are the basics of setting up a robotic vacuum cleaner for optimal performance!

If you need more assistance or have any other questions about how to keep robot vacuum from getting stuck under furniture, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us anytime. Our team is always happy to help with customer service inquiries as well as product information requests. Thanks for reading our blog post!

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