How to Keep Rubber Bands From Drying Out

Rubber bands are one of the most useful items for every house and office. They are widely used in different items. That’s what may have tended you to buy a whole jar of rubber bands. But the problem is they become sticky and dries out within a limited time. It happens because of their oxidize nature, and that’s really annoying. Don’t worry; if you can learn some simple technique, you will be able to preserve your rubber bands for several days. Wanna learn how to keep rubber bands from drying out? I am going to show the exact ways of doing that, so let’s dive in!

How to Keep Rubber Bands From Drying Out

Things You Will Need

  1. Sealable plastic bags
  2. Lidded containers

How to Keep Rubber Bands From Drying Out

If your living area or office gets hot quickly, you should store your rubber bands in the refrigerator. Put them in a lidded container and then put the container in the freezer.

 If you have bought a ball of rubber bands from the market, then you have to put the entire ball inside of the sealable plastic bag. For this, you have to first put the ball inside of a freezer bag and place it on your shelf or drawer. Just make sure not to keep it under direct sunlight. If you do so, you will face the same problem, which can ruin up the rubber ball. Also, make sure not to put the rubber bands with the silver items because it will stimulate the silver tarnish.

Rubber Bands With The Silver Items

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