How to Make Stuff with Rubber Bands


Rubber bands are one of the most used things for packaging. Whenever you buy something or order something for the internet, the package comes with adhesives attached and firmly and rubber bands, which also keeps the product safe. In this manner, a considerable amount of rubber bands get piled up in our house. Today, we are going to suggest some techniques on how to make stuff with rubber bands, which will be useful for the household and an excellent way to learn for the beginners.


There are several kinds of stuff and life hacks that can be made using rubber bands. And we can keep this list going for a long time too. But for your better convenience, we are going to state the best practices that can be done using rubber bands. Stay tuned and read the following techniques to know more about the stuff that can be prepared using a rubber band. Chains for holding your glasses: If you are fond of wearing glasses, then you might know that they have a tendency to slip down. And this can be solved by wrapping the rubber band around the arms of your glasses.

  • Chop Sticks Holding

When you are opting to learn the technique of using a chopstick, it sometimes gets harder because of the absence of grip or less practice of the user. In this case, you can use a particular procedure, and you can take a tissue paper and then roll it into a tube. Then you have to keep the tube in the middle of the chopsticks where you are going to hold them. Then place rubber band to keep the tissue tube attached with the chopsticks. Thus you will feel much comfortable using the sticks for holding your food. This will provide a good grip, and it is one of the most convenient ways to learn using chopsticks. As a beginner, this advanced technique using the rubber band will be much helpful.

  • Firmness of Spectacles

Wearing glasses is a trend, even if people who don’t have an eye problem wear them. But sometimes, the glasses slide over our nose and don’t stay in the right position, which can be uncomfortable. To fix this, just attach two rubber bands at the two edges of the glasses frame. The rubber bands will grip your ear and keep the glasses from sliding.

  • Painting

While painting, a lot of paint can end up on the floor or other surfaces around the painter. This happens because the brush drips the extra paint that can’t stay attached to the brush. To avoid this, you can use a rubber band to attach the can of paint to the brush. Then, when you are painting, you can drag the extra paint off the brush using the rubber band. The excess paint will stay inside the can, which will save you money and paint.

  • Tissue Box Hack

Sometimes we are so much lazy that we do not want to get up from our space and throw the tissue that we have used while reading or watching movies. In this case, there is a unique technique that can be followed. For this reason, you need to have a spare tissue box that is out of tissues. Then you have to take a rubber band and attach both the new tissue box and the old tissue box. The old one will act as a litter box for your used tissues.

How to Make Stuff with Rubber Bands
  • Bottle-Straw Attachment

Sometimes while drinking water or beverages using straws, it might fall inside the bottle. This generally happens when the size of the straw is smaller than the bottle. In this case, you can use a unique rubber band based technique, attach the rubber band with top of the bottle and make a loop, then put the straw through the loop. The rubber band’s elasticity will keep the straw attached to the bottle and refrain from falling inside.

  • Turning Pages

When you’re reading a book, it’s easy to turn the pages with your fingers. But this can cause bacteria to get into your body from your fingers. To avoid this, you can attach a rubber band to your finger and use it to grip the pages while you turn them.

  • Water Marking

Sometimes we have prescribed doses of water intake; in such circumstances, we have to keep account of the amount of water that we intake daily. There are also stipulations by the doctors in this regard. So we can use rubber bands to mark the water content of the bottle. Just wrap the rubber band around the bottle after you have poured each cup of water. This will notify you of the amount of water that you have drunk daily.

  • Cloth Hanger Technique

We already know that rubber bands work as a great source of grip, which can be used in many ways. There are some clothes in our closet which does not hold well in a while hanging. They tend to slide down from the hangers. This happens because of the fabric quality and the size of the fabric. In this case, you can use rubber bands and attach them at both ends of the hanger then hang the clothes. The rubber bands will provide grip to the cloths. Eventually, they will not fall.

Things to Keep in Mind While Performing the Task

  • Elasticity

We are quite familiar that the rubber band is a highly elastic element. If it is not handled correctly, you can get hurt by the product’s flexible nature. So we suggest that you take the full preparation before starting to make things using the rubber band. This will be much beneficial to keep a safe environment while working with these. The rubber band is a highly elastic element. If it is not handled correctly, you can get hurt by the product’s flexible nature. So we suggest that you take the full preparation before starting to make things using the rubber band.


In conclusion, we would like to infer that the techniques that we have mentioned will be much helpful in making new things using the rubber band. This will have an excellent contribution to reducing the wastage of the rubber bands, and it will also be beneficial for the environment. But you should always maintain safety while performing the tasks. Have a beautiful day!!

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