How to Lower Humidity in Humidor

Humidors play an important role in preserving your cigars and maintaining their consistency. In fact, there isn’t any better place than a humidor. High humidity and high temperature are the worst enemies of cigars. A humidor is designed in such a way that none of these elements can hamper them. Even if you put your cigars inside of them for even a month, you will get the right amount of consistency and optimum taste. But you must ensure the right level of humidity for that. If you set the humidity too high, the cigars can become tighten. In fact, it will also become hard to lighten them up or keep it lit. Therefore, it is necessary to regulate the humidity level of your humidor in a proper way. Do you know how to lower humidity in humidor? If not, then you can thank yourself for landing in the right place.

How to Lower Humidity in Humidor

Regulating a humidor can be a bit tricky. But in this article, I am going to show how to measure that and ensure that in some easiest ways. Before we start, I will suggest you leave all your tasks and concentrate on the article until the last. There are several other essential items that are needed to be discussed, and you will get them all in here.

How to Lower Humidity in Humidor

Learning the ways to troubleshoot your humidor is quite essential no matters if you are using a new or old humidor. If you have recently noticed that the flavor of your cigar has changed dramatically, it means there is something fishy with your machine, and you need to sort things out before further damage occurs.

The frequent drop of the humidity level can cause the dryness of your tobacco, and that what can make your cigars almost flavorless. Below you’ll some simple techniques which are going to help to maintain the humidity level at peak condition.

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First of all, you will have to start with a wet paper towel. Take a paper towel and make it wet with distilled water. Next, wipe the inside of the machine with that paper towel and clean it until it becomes good as new. If you have bought a new humidor, it can sometimes take to reach the desired humidity level. But if you can wipe the inside of the humidor, it can help the machine to reach the ideal humidity level faster.

When you are opening the humidor, make sure to close the door properly. In most cases, we leave the doors open because some of the models are slightly resistant to closing. If you have got one of them, you will need to push the door a bit harder and apply a bit more pressure while shutting off. Even if the door is open slightly (a fraction of an inch), it can let a significant amount of air out.

Make sure you keep up with the moisture regulator refreshing every two weeks, particularly within the first few weeks after you buy a new model. The regulators are filled with starter fluid for an initial startup, so it will be better if you refresh twice within every 30 days. You can use distilled water for this purpose.

Humidor fluid or starter fluid both are the same, and you will have to refill it every four months. But aside from them, you will also need to add more distilled water so that the effectiveness of the machine remains at the maximum level.

How to Lower the Humidity Levels

If you are overdoing this humidity level, there can be an ongoing problem inside of your humidor. This process can trigger the growth of molds and mildews. In fact, if the humidity level is too high, it also hampers the cigars and makes it difficult to light them up.

In order to decrease the humidity level inside of the machine, you have to first leave the door open for a few hours. It will allow a significant amount of air to escape, which will reduce the humidity level. You can also open the door and place your humidor under direct sunlight. It will boost the process and reduce the air inside.

How to Lower the Humidity Levels

On the other hand, if you remove some water from the humidor, it will also help you to reduce the level of humidity. Just like the process of adding water to a humidifier, you can also lower it. In fact, you can also buy some humidor beads. These are specially designed to regulate the humidity level at certain points. If you are buying them, you have to first soak them in distilled water and then remove the excess water from it. Once you do that, you can store them right inside of the machine without any complications and special considerations.

How to Supplement Humidity

Most of the models are featured with a special humidification system. They are simply designed and made of spongy material to keep the humidor wet and clean. But in case if the humidity level starts to drop despite having its own humidification system, you are gonna need to add some additional humidifying solution to it. This additional device must also remain in water so that you may not have to face the issue of low humidity level. So, consider this when you are adding any devices.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Happens to a Cigar, Not in a Humidor?

A cigar not in a humidor is usually left to dry out for about six months. The humidor keeps the cigars at an ideal humidity level and prevents them from becoming too dry. Humidors are made of either wood or cedar and come in different shapes, sizes, and colors. They can be hand-carved, handmade, or even bought ready-made online.

Can I Use Tupperware as a Humidor?

You can use Tupperware as a humidor, but you need to know that there are certain things that you should take into consideration before doing so.

First of all, the product needs to be made from plastic and not glass or metal. Plastic is more durable and can easily hold humidity in your cigar.

Second, it should have a lid because cigars require fresh air circulation, which means the smoke needs to escape. Without this lid, your cigars will keep going stale and ruin quickly.

Thirdly, the product must have enough space for at least 20 cigars (the size of an average cigar). If it doesn’t have enough space, then your cigars won’t stay fresh for long either since they’ll get too cramped up inside the container with no room to breathe correctly.

Can You Mix Cigars in a Humidor?

Cigars should not be mixed in a humidor. They need to be kept separate, but cigars can share the same humidifier. Mixing different types of cigars together can cause the flavors to become muddled and less enjoyable.

What Is the Environmental Rh

Environmental RH is the relative humidity of the air. The average RH in most parts of the world is around 40%.

Environmental RH can be measured using a hygrometer, which is an instrument that measures relative humidity.


Hopefully, the above techniques are going to be helpful, and you don’t have to ask how to lower humidity in humidor to anyone again. If you are still confused and need to know more, you can ask me directly through the comment section below.

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