How to Make a Candle Out of Soap

Candles are a way to share memories, make new ones, and create an atmosphere. However, they can be expensive or difficult to find the perfect one for you. What if I told you that making your own candle doesn’t have to be hard?

How to Make a Candle Out of Soap

In this blog post, I’m going to show you how to make a candle out of soap! Read on for more information about all of the different ways that candles can transform any space into something special.

What Are The Things You’ll Need to Make a Candle Out of Soap?

1. A Candle Holder

First and foremost, to make a candle out of soap, you’ll need a candleholder! I recommend mason jars because they are easy to find at your local grocery store or dollar store. You can choose the size of the jar that will work best for your countertop or table if you plan to display your candle. I went with a smaller jar so that the wax doesn’t overflow.

2. A Soap Bar (or two!)

There are a few different things you can do for the actual base of your candle! The first thing I did was go to my local grocery store and grab a few bars of soap. The second thing I did was go to the dollar store and buy a few more bars of soap. Both give off scents that I love! If you are going to use two different kinds of soaps, ensure that they smell good together or separately.

3. A wick

Next, you’ll need a wick! I used what is called 18 gauge floral wire, which worked great as my wick. You can use any kind of wire that you think will work best for your candle. I bought mine on the craft aisle in Walmart for cheap.

4. Wax (I Used This Paraffin Wax)

You’ll need some wax to put into the candle. I used paraffin wax because it’s easy to find at most places and comes in a bag that is very cheap!

5. An Old Pot and Stove

I chose to use an iron pot that was on my stovetop that never gets used anymore. If you have an iron pot that you wouldn’t mind burning a little bit of soap in, then go for it! 

Steps To Follow: How to Make a Candle Out of Soap 

Step 1: Cut Soap into Small Pieces

First, you want to cut your large bars of soap into smaller pieces. You can do so by putting the entire bar into a ziplock bag and using a hammer to break it up. I personally recommend letting it sit in the freezer for about ten minutes before doing this because it’s easier!

Cut The Soap

Step 2: Put Soap Into Pot

Next, you want to put all of the cut-up pieces into a pot. I used an iron pot because I’ve never used it before and didn’t mind purchasing one just for this craft project!

Step 3: Add Water

This next step is optional but recommended because it helps melt the soap bars faster by putting water in with the soaps. It’s your call if you want to put it in or not!

Step 4: Place Wick/Wax On the Top

The next step is to place your wick onto the top of a pot so that it can attach to the soap bars and start melting them into the wax. You’ll need something long enough for this, like a metal wire or a long stick.

Step 5: Melt Soap

This step is probably the hardest one! It requires you to stand by the pot and stir up the soap until it melts into the wax. You’ll need to make sure that it doesn’t overflow from the pot because this will cause damage to your stovetop if it does!

Step 6: Dip The Wick Into Wax

Once the soap has melted into wax, you can dip your wick into it to see if it will light right away! Light a piece of paper or a small candle on fire and use that flame to help burn any excess wax off of the wick. 

Dip The Wick Into Wax

Step 7: Mix Your Melted Soap

After you have the wick lit, you can mix in your melted soap with the wax that is already on top of your pot. This step will help create one solid piece for the candle rather than separate layers of different colors.

Step 8: Lay Out Wick

When you have everything mixed together and ready to go, you’ll want to lay both ends of the wick out on opposite sides of your candleholder. Cut them to make sure that they are even.

Step 9: Place Wick Into Holder

Now it’s time to place the wick into whatever you decided to use for a holder! I used mason jars, so they were easy for me and didn’t look too bad either!

Step 10: Cut Wick to Match Height

When you have it all in place, make sure that the wick is centered enough so that it can light up your candle and burn evenly down both sides. You may need to trim one end or squash the other end of the wick a little bit to reach this level. 

5 Tips To Make Your Candle Soap Last longer:

  • Store your candle in a cool, dry place to avoid melting and keep it away from direct sunlight.
  • Be sure that the top of your candle is always trimmed level so as to ensure even burning.
  • If you notice small cracks forming on the surface, don’t throw them away because you may get more than 30 minutes of burn time.
  • Don’t leave your candle unattended during burning and extinguish it regularly to prevent it from overheating.
  • Be sure that you trim the wick before each lighting because leaving too much wick exposed will result in a fire hazard.  


If you’re looking for a creative way to use up leftover soap, make candles! Soap is the perfect ingredient because it’s both hard and soft. I used my favorite fragrance oil and colorant to create this beautiful candle that smells wonderful.

Check out this blog post on how to make a candle out of soap to make your own DIY candle soap! There’s no need to buy any expensive supplies or wait for long periods; just get creative with your ingredients and enjoy making something beautiful at home.

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