How to Make a Cat Carrier Out of a Box


Cats are among the most popular pets globally, but many people don’t know how to take care of them. Some think that because they’re small and cute, cats are easy to take care of. This couldn’t be farther from the truth!

Cats require a lot more attention than dogs do. They need playtime, exercise, food, water on a schedule, grooming services every few weeks…the list goes on! And if you have multiple cats living with you, things can get even crazier. In this article, I will discuss how to make a cat carrier out of a box. So let’s get started.

How to Make a Cat Carrier Out of a Box

A Detailed Stepwise Guide on How to Make a Cat Carrier Out of a Box:

Step 1:

First of all, you need to find a suitable cardboard box for the purpose. Be careful when choosing the size and the size of your cat before buying a package. If you believe in a large container, it may not be easy to cut and fold in such a small shape. Make sure that there is enough space inside so that your cat can move around comfortably.

The box should not be too big because if it is, it will take more time to set up and in addition, you will have wasted a lot of paper, which ultimately leads to wastage of time and money. So make sure that you purchase a good quality brown box with dimensions 8 inches long, 6 inches wide, and 5 inches high (length x width x height). This will be a suitable size for your cat to lay and play inside the box.

Step 2:

Once you have purchased the required sized box, take it home and show it to your cat to make her understand that this will be her new toy when she feels like playing in it. But don’t forget to explain to her beforehand that when she plays in this box, she has to stay there and can’t come out. She will love this idea because cats hate coming out of their packages; they generally prefer staying inside them instead!

And since we all want our cats to be always happy, then, of course, we would like them to love what we give them as gifts, right? If you don’t think that she will understand this concept, just leave the box in front of her and leave the house. When you come back home, then your cat will be inside the box happily!

So now you know that she understands what playing is all about because obviously, cats can’t stay inside a box without any reason and if they do, it means something interesting must have happened.

Let Them Sniff Around the Toys

Step 3:

Right after you make sure that your cat understands how vital and unique this gift is, spend some time with her by taking out one toy at a time and showing her each toy individually for a few minutes at a stretch.

After offering to each toy for, say, 10 minutes (you don’t need to play with them as such, just let them sniff around the toys), give that particular toy to your cat and let her play with it (without any supervision) for at least 10 minutes. This will help develop trust between you and your cat because now she knows that when you give something as an offering, you won’t take it away from her later on.

If the toy is small, make sure not to leave it unwatched by your cat because cats tend to chew small parts of anything they find exciting or tasty! Make sure you hide all the toys immediately after giving them to her, so she doesn’t eat them up.

Step 4:

Once this process gets over, start playing games with your cat like this: first, put down the box near a wall with its opening towards the floor or wall, if possible. Then you open the box’s lid near your cat, let her sniff it for some time, and then close the top again.

Repeat this a few times until she starts loving the idea of playing in this box with its opening down towards the floor or wall once she is comfortable with this concept than place the same box near a border with its bottom facing upwards (towards the ceiling). Now, if she wants to get out of that box, then how she will do that? Right!

She can’t, but if she tries hard enough, there is always room for getting out of anything that is not closed correctly, isn’t it? However, I am confident that your cat won’t escape from this new toy because you have built trust in each other. But still, if she does manage to escape, don’t shout at her and don’t hit her because this will break the trust bond you have created together.

Cats Generally Love Playing Games With Anything

Step 5:

Now you know that your cat is more than ready to get inside this box and play with it, but before doing so, let’s teach her about a few things first:

Cats generally love playing games with anything which has a string on it. So take some electric wire or some old clothes string and tie one end of it to the opening of the box (with tape), then move that side along with its attached line under your bed or any such area where light isn’t visible from outside (because we want our cat to be surprised,?).

Then bring out another side of the string from a different box opening and keep it on the floor, then put that side towards a wall or outside of your home. Now open up the lid and let your cat look at this new concept that you have introduced to her.

She will be surprised with this idea, but still, don’t forget to close the lid as quickly as possible because cats tend to jump out of anything open if they feel like doing so! Repeat this process a few times again but make sure you don’t have any wires attached to boxes next time around because it is dangerous for your cat’s health if she chews them while playing inside a box.


I hope you have obtained a clear idea of how to make a cat carrier out of a box. Ensure all the steps are correctly followed. Thank you and have a nice day!

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