Maybe you are the one who loves to collect the skulls of animals. And that’s why you have put a deer skull in your room that you have got from your previous hunting session. But did you notice the color of the skull is fading away, It is natural being exposed to different natural elements the color of the skull can fade away, but if you can take the proper steps, you can retain the color for a long time? Wanna learn how to make a deer skull white? Let’s show you how to do that.

Things You Will Need

1. Plastic gloves

2. Turkey trays

3. Plastic wrap and electrical tape

4. A brush

5. Salon care 40 volume cream peroxide

6. Basic White powder

7. And something to mix these things

How to Make a Deer Skull White

The first thing that I am going to do is wrap the antlers with the plastic wrap and some electrical tape. I don’t want the horns to be whitened. Next, I am going to mix the cream with a few scoops of this basic white powder. By the way, make sure to wear your plastic gloves while working with them. The consistency of the powder depends on how many deer skulls you are going to apply. After that, I have taken my little pan and put the skull in it. Then I am going to grab the mixture and start painting on the skull with my paintbrush. Paint on this at a pretty liberal amount everywhere, and after completing the painting, it up wraps the skull with plastic. Once you complete that, leave the skull for a couple of days. Then unwrap the skull and see if the skull is now whiter enough or not. If not, then you are gonna have to apply another layer. That’s it; the process is now complete.

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