How to Make a Kazoo With Popsicle Sticks

Kazoos are an old-fashioned toy that is still popular today. All you need to make is some Popsicle sticks, a rubber band, and a cardboard tube; these materials can be sourced at any craft store. Please make sure the popsicle sticks are sturdy by testing them out first before proceeding with the next steps of making your kazoo.

This blog will cover how to make a kazoo with popsicle sticks using different methods using glue (or hot glue), tape, or beeswax; all methods require two popsicle sticks for each kazoo. The method with glue requires more time but provides stronger results than taping or beeswaxing alone. Listed below are step-by-step instructions for the process.

How to Make a Kazoo With Popsicle Sticks

What is Kazoo?

A kazoo is a musical instrument. Kazoos are very easy to make. Kazoos can be made out of many everyday items, such as paper plates and toilet paper rolls. The most common type of kazoo is made from a plastic drinking straw. The straw is cut in half, and one end is tightly rolled around itself to form a small tube with one closed end. Any paper can then be slid into the open end to create the membrane or diaphragm. These are also easy to make.

The sound of the kazoo is created when air is pushed through the membrane, which vibrates and produces a buzzing sound. It may remind you of the buzzing sound that comes from a bee. The sound can be changed by adjusting how tightly one holds onto the tube-like section of the kazoo.

What is Kazoo

Step by Step Guide: How to Make a Kazoo with Popsicle Sticks

Step 1:

Using the craft glue, attach one popsicle stick to another in an ‘X’ formation. Make sure that the side you attach them to is facing up rather than down; the side you attach the popsicle sticks to will face downwards in the end product.

Step 2:

Continue this process until you have four sets of two popsicle sticks each. Make sure that the side you are attaching them to is facing up rather than down.

Step 3:

Attach these four sets, making sure to attach the side with the bottom of the popsicle stick facing down and the top of the popsicle stick facing upwards (so they will create sound when they flap under the bottom layer.)

Step 4:

Take your craft glue and add a liberal amount to the top of each popsicle stick; these will be used as the hinges. After applying glue to the top, attach it to the bottom in an ‘X’ formation. Make sure that you attach them like this the “x” represents the popsicle stick and the two vertical lines represent where it is glued to another popsicle stick.

Step 5:

Take your scissors and cut out another popsicle stick in the same manner that you did for the base. Attach it to the top of all four sets of “hinges” so that one side is sticking up to create a roof over your kazoo while still allowing sound waves in.

Step 6:

Add your craft glue to the top of this popsicle stick as well. Make sure that you apply it from one end of the popsicle stick to the other, not just the middle. Finally, attach the second layer of popsicle sticks to create a multi-layered roof for your kazoo.

Step 7:

Take a third popsicle stick and cut out a small notch on its top, which you will attach to the base popsicle sticks. This notch represents your kazoo’s speaker. Make sure that when you attach this piece, it is sticking upwards so that sound can go into it from underneath instead of falling out the backside.

Step 8:

Take your craft glue and apply it to the top of this piece. Please attach it to all four sets so that one side is sticking up and the other side is facing downwards (the perfect alignment needed for sound to flow into it.)

Step 9:

Step by Step Guide How to Make a Kazoo with Popsicle Sticks

Take a marker and color any parts of the kazoo that look gray. This is a tedious step but makes your creation more aesthetically pleasing. You can also paint it or use colored construction paper to cover the tops to make them more colorful.

Step 10:

Take your scissors and cut out small notches on the top of each popsicle stick. These are where you will be attaching the rubber bands. Cut them to be about 1/4 inch deep or deep enough to make a decent sound when flapped against another popsicle stick. Make sure that all four sets get flaps on the same side.

Step 11:

Take your rubber bands and cut them in half. This is necessary because the rubber band will stretch too far and be too difficult to attach or detach from the popsicle sticks if you don’t do this. Make sure that when you place the rubber band on a popsicle stick, it is facing away from the speaker. If you don’t, it will create an awkward sound when flapped against another popsicle stick.

Step 12:

Take your craft glue and apply liberal amounts on each notch that you made. Next, attach the rubber bands to the top of your popsicle sticks and let them dry completely before using them Congratulations! You have now created a Kazoo with Popsicle Sticks! All you have to do is attach it to a straw or special Kazoo instrument, and you will be ready to play it!


The kazoo is a simple instrument created with two popsicle sticks taped together, but it sounds amazing. If you are looking for an easy to make and inexpensive musical instrument, this might do the trick! Kids will love making their own instruments, so this could be a fun project for them.

We hope you found these instructions helpful in creating your very own kazoo! Feel free to share any pictures of your creations on our Facebook page or Instagram account if you would like us to repost some of them there! Thanks again for reading today’s blog post about how to make a Kazoo with Popsicle Sticks.

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