How to Make a Knitted Rug

Rugs are very versatile pieces of decor. They can be placed anywhere in your home, depending on the style you’re looking for. There are many different types of rugs available, but one that is gaining popularity among homeowners is a knitted rug.

How to Make a Knitted Rug

These rugs (made out of yarn) tend to be soft and cozy, perfect for any room! However, they aren’t as durable as other rugs; therefore, it’s essential to take care when washing them. In addition, you’ll need some knitting needles and yarn, and if you don’t know how to knit yet, don’t worry!  In these blog posts, we will go over how to make a knitted rug step by step. So let’s get started!

10 Ways on How to Make a Knitted Rug:

1. Use Yarn Ends

This simple but effective way to reuse yarn ends is an easy option while you’re doing a project or while watching TV. Pull out some of the loose ends on your last row and start knotting them together. Once you’ve knotted all of them, divide them into three sections and braid them like hair!

2. Use Thread

This is an old-school way of making a rug, but it’s simple. Get some sturdy yarn (I used crochet thread in white), your desired width, and your desired length. Then, simply knot the ends together, starting with two strands in one corner, then adding more strands in the next row until you reach the desired thickness. Use more Thread to make it wider, or make the duplicate rows longer.

Starting With Two Strands

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3. Use Yarn Wrapped Around a Doorknob

This is a fun and effective way to make a simple knitted rug. All you need is some yarn (try keeping it the same color), your desired width, and an open door. Start by wrapping the yarn around one side of the doorknob until all 7-8 rows are wrapped around it. Repeat on all sides of the knob until you have knitted all around it. Use a hook to pull the loops off of the knob, knotting them together until you are left with something that looks similar to this.

4. Crocheted Yarn Ball Rug

This is also another easy way to reuse your yarn ends into a rug! Wind up some yarn into a ball similar to this and crochet a long chain, knotting it a few times if needed. Begin stitching the loops together until you have a circle! If your rug is too short for your liking or isn’t as wide as you would like it, continue to make more rows by adding an extra loop at a time. Be sure to crochet the loops together to keep them from unraveling.

5. Use Pillowcases

This is a straightforward way to make a knitted rug, and it’s the same as using Thread or yarn wrapped around doorknobs. You can use two pillowcases, stitch them together at the end, then knot your yarn into each side of the pillowcase to make the rug.

6. Use a Felted Sweater

This is an old-school way of making a rug, but it’s simple. Get some sturdy yarn, your desired width, and your desired length. Knot the ends together like making a friendship bracelet, then knot them onto a sweater that you no longer feel like wearing.

7. Knit an Entire Rug

This is a fun and easy way to make a knitted rug, but it takes a little more effort. Knit as normal until you have about four rows of knitting, then begin to knot the squares together by looping the yarn through the loops on the other side. Once one end is knotted into place, continue knotting each square on the other end until you have knitted all of your loops together.

8. Sew Rugs Together

This is a simple way to make a knitted rug that won’t unravel (it will also be sturdy!) Sew two pieces of fabric, such as cotton or fleece, together on one end with your knitting yarn. Knot the yarn onto each side of the fabric and continue until you reach the desired thickness. Once you have knotted your loops together, sew the other end of each piece of fabric together to make a loop. Then sew all of the pieces of fabric together!

9. Knitted Tube Rug

This is a fun and easy way to make a rug out of a tube shape, such as a sweater or towel that you no longer want. Simply find the center of the tube, then begin knotting your yarn into each side. Knot next to each other until you reach the desired thickness, then knot to another piece of yarn on the other side to finish it off!

10. Use a Crochet Hook

This is a fun and effective way to make a rug out of your loose yarn ends. Crochet as normal with the yarn until you feel like you have made enough loops, then knot it with another length of yarn to hold it in place. Keep knitting and crocheting together until you reach the desired thickness!

Keep Knitting and Crocheting Together

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Some Tips and Suggestions:

  1. You can knit these rugs for additional strength by adding thrums (just extra bits of yarn) into the basic stitch pattern.
  2. This technique uses quite a bit of yarn, so if you want to make your rug bigger, consider buying more than one ball.
  3. The thrums will be placed randomly in each row, so feel free to be creative. Make it your own by varying the colors and stitch patterns within each row.
  4. If you want a smaller rug, knit fewer rows. For taller rugs, try to use about 20 stitches per inch (2.5 cm) in the back to ensure that the rug will lie flat when turned over.
  5. You can also knit a runner or a blanket to use as a rug. If you want something that will lie flat, be sure to have about 20 stitches per inch in the back of your piece.
  6. After knitting, feel it by putting it through the wash (in either the washer or the sink) and then hand- or machine-dry it.
  7. If you want to make the rug reversible, knit two pieces (one in each direction), sew them together, and feel them together without washing them first. This will keep the front and back of both sides neat.
  8. Feel free to use any other materials in your rug, such as ribbons, strings of beads, raffia, etc.


One of the most beautiful and practical DIY projects you can take on is to make a knitted rug. The process involves knitting squares out of yarn that is then sewn together into one large square or rectangle, depending on your desired shape.

If you’re a knitter in need of a project, this is it. It can be made in any size and color scheme to suit your needs. The only limitation may be the amount of yarn you have on hand! We hope that we helped give some insight into what makes these rugs so cozy and warm for those chilly winter nights. Now make one yourself! To learn more about how to make a knitted rug, check out this blog post for all sorts of helpful tips and tricks!

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