How to Make a Paper Infinity Gauntlet

Have you ever heard a story of a young boy who collected all infinity stones to impress a girl? Well, if the story was real, the boy will be the great Thanos. He swept half of the universe just as he had said, and that’s what proves how powerful the infinity gauntlet is. If you want to feel that power, too, you need to get the infinity gauntlet from anywhere, you can. Or you can make your very own infinity gauntlet at your home. Yes, that’s not hard, and I can show you how to make a paper infinity gauntlet in the simplest ways.

Like the game of Pokemon, Thanos also tends to collect the infinity stones from swiping half of the life from the universe. Even the avengers couldn’t stop him from doing what he said. But don’t worry; that’s not going to happen here as the gems only work in the Universe-616. But a home-made gauntlet can still make you feel the difference. Whether you want to make your playtime more interesting or you want to use the gauntlet as a piece of decoration, you need to first learn the methods of making the gauntlet. So, without any delay, let’s dive in!

How to Make a Paper Infinity Gauntlet

  • Tools You Will Need
  • Scissors
  • Three A4 size papers (one must be plain and the rest two must be yellow because it is of golden color)
  • A pencil
  • Two tapes

How to Make a Paper Infinity Gauntlet?

First of all, take one yellow paper and fold the edge into the center. The lower part must be big, and the elbow must be small. You need to join the tip on two sides of the lower part. Then measure your hand and tape the ends based on that measurement.

Now, take the second paper sheet and fold it according to the measurement of your palm. Then cut it off. After that, tape the ends with one another.
Then take the white paper and fold it in half. Cut one half from the paper.

Take another yellow paper and mark the measurement of your middle finger. Make twofold the paper according to that measurement. Once you have done that, cut the papers according to the folds.

Now, fold one of them into three pieces equally and leave another one by folding it in half. Cut the pieces out.

Next, roll the pieces to give them the finger-like shape and tape the ends up. After making the fingers attach them with the hand shape, you have made earlier.

Prepare the stones with some colorful papers that suit the color of the stones and glue it on the top of the gauntlet. That’s it; your very own home-made gauntlet is ready to use. Feel the amazing power of infinity stones and amaze your friends with what you have made. If you feel any complications, don’t hesitate to use the comment section below.

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