How to Make a Paper Mache Hand


We do a lot of things to decorate our house, and among them, homemade decorative show-pieces are much prominent. For the children, it is a great source to pass their time by making DIY products. Paper Mache hands are one of those recreating products that you can easily make in your home. For this reason, today we are going to allocate you a step-by-step procedure on how to make a paper mache hand that will be beautiful to decorate your house.


For this process, we will require some crucial elements readily available in the market, so you do not have to go through any hassle for collecting them. The first thing that you need is two cups and latex gloves. Then you will need glue and binder clip. These will act as the adhesive equipment for the process. The last thing that you need is the paintbrush and paint for the proceeding the proper finishing of the product


The first step of this process is to gather all the required apparatus for the procedure. You can easily use a checklist for this case, and this will be much helpful for the beginners. For the paper, you can use scrap paper, newspaper, or any paper that you can get at your hand, and the paper must be durable. Then you have to take all the elements and spread them in a piece of paper, which is clean, and as the glue can be slippery so you can use scrap paper in this case.

Now you have to take the gloves and then blow it with air and make it seem like a balloon. Then you have to take a binder clip, which can be used to seal the bottom of the gloves to make it airtight. After you have gained a suitable size for your gloves, you have to place the gloves inside a plastic cup. This is done to make the gloves have the base and also allow them to provide the glue properly. Now you have to make another cup and fill it with glue and water.

Next, you have to take the paintbrush and paint glue all-round the gloves and then apply the paper to the whole gloves. And then you have to give it some time to dry. After the drying is done, the paper will get hardened, and the cup can be removed to get the desired product. Thus we can easily prepare a paper mache hand by ourselves in the house.

Things to Keep in Mind While Performing the Task

Binding Materials

Preparing this product contains the continuous use of binding materials like glue and binding clips. The adhesive should be handled very carefully, and it might place a mark on the platform on which you are making the product. Besides, it would be best if you also were careful that the glue does not get in contact with your hand. This may affect the skin of your hand. For this reason, we suggest you use gloves for the entire process.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, we hope that our chronological explanation of the whole process on how to make a paper mache hand has been beneficial to you as a beginner. This will be much effective in developing the DIY skill, and this will also add an aesthetic view to the household décor. Happy crafting! Have a beautiful day!!

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