How to Make a Pedal Go-Cart


Go-carts are an excellent toy for your child when your kid is enthusiastic about cars and driving you can comfortably accommodate him with a DIY go-cart rather than going to the market and buying a thousand dollars. For this reason today, we will exhibit a stepwise explanation on how to make a pedal go-cart that can be useful for your kid to play in your lawn and make good use of the toy to learn driving and controlling.

How to Make a Pedal Go-Cart


In order to make a go-cart, you will need a few things. These things are essential for the proper assembly of the product. To begin with, you will need pieces of wood. You can also use metal as the core material for the go-cart. Next, you will need wheels for locomotion. In addition, you will need spindles and bearings for attachments. Then, you will need steering in order to control the go-cart. Lastly, you will need a pair of pedals.


Today we will be showing you the necessary steps that should be followed while making your very own DIY go-cart, which includes a pedal. These steps are stated below chronologically. A go-cart can be made in your garage with some basic tools and parts. Before beginning, make sure you have all the materials that you will need. You will need a drill, saw, wood screws, wood glue, sandpaper, and a few other tools.

  • Step One

In order to attach two pieces of wood together, you will need to gather some supplies. First, you will need to sterilize the pieces of wood. Next, you will need to rub the wood with sandpaper. This will make it easier for the two pieces of wood to attach to each other.

  • Step Two

Take and old chair and pull out all the screws from the chair, then you to take the sitting cushion and then attach it with a steel rod that through welding. You have to make sure that the steel rod is much sturdy and can be weight-bearing.

  • Step Three

In this part, you have to gather the wheels that you will use for the cart and then attach them. For this, you will also need bearings. You have to install the bearings in the wheels, once you have commenced this work you have to use the sandpaper to rub the bearing after installation, and in this manner, the binding will be much imported.

  • Step Four

In order to make the front wheel turn, you will need to make spindles and then install them to the front end. You will need to attach them via iron welding and then bond them properly using glue.

  • Step Five

In this step, you’ll take the steering wheel and connect it to the front wheels. After that, you’ll install the pedal – you can either use a bicycle pedal or make your own. Finally, you’ll install the seat cushion. This is the last step because all the work underneath the cushion is finished earlier. Now your go-cart is ready to hit the roads!

How to Make a Pedal Go-Cart2


In conclusion, we hope that the process that has been explained has been much help to beginners learning a useful technique of making DIY go-cart. The process can be quickly followed, and some necessary precautions should be taken in this regard. Happy crafting! Have a beautiful day!!

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