How to Make a Pendulum Stand

A pendulum is a weight on the end of a string or chain that swings back and forth to show movement. Pendulums are used to measure things like time, distance, mass, or speed. A pendulum can be made out of different materials such as wood, metal, plastic, glass, paper clips, etc., depending on what you want it for. This blog post will teach you how to make a pendulum stand with items found around the house! 

How to Make a Pendulum Stand

The pendulum will stop moving when it gets to one side of its swing, either left or right. This indicates a yes or no answer to the question being asked. A pendulum can also be used as a dowsing rod, which means it can help locate water underground by pointing towards where the ground has high mineral content, usually underground streams, wells, and springs. Read on to know more!

Summary: This project is perfect for anyone who wants to experiment with pendulum physics and engineering. The stand can be made from a few simple materials, and is easy to assemble.

5 Creative Ways on How to Make a Pendulum Stand:

There are many different ways to create a pendulum stand. So whether you are out in the wild or have wanted your tool for years, here are five creative ideas sure to get you started with making one of your own!

1. The Pringle Can/ Copper Pipe Stand

This is the most straightforward, most recognizable stand for your pendulum. All you need is a Pringle can or other types of cans and a copper pipe. Drill 1 small hole in the middle of the bottom part of the bowl-shaped side of your can. Cut your pipe to size, so it fits perfectly into the hole and is tall enough to hold your weight.

Then, use pliers and some elbow grease (to push and pull repeatedly) to bend a small hook into one end of the copper pipe. You can then cut off any excess that doesn’t stick out of your Pringle can bowl, file down sharp edges with a metal file, and you’re done!

2. The Bottle Cap Stand

This stand is very similar to the Pringle can/copper pipe stand, but it is easier to make with fewer materials. You will need a plastic bottle cap (most are 2 inches in diameter), pliers, wire cutters, and either a 20 oz soda bottle or a roll of tape. Get your wire cutters and cut the top and bottom off of your plastic bottle cap.

Cut, so it’s even all around. You will need to create a straight line by either smoothing out the inside with an emery board or filing it down carefully on one side until there is only one thickness of plastic.

Once that is done, you will need to create a small eyelet on each side of your wire to fit your string through. To do this, use the pliers and wire cutters and form a tiny loop at either end. Then, take the rest of the wire and thread it through both loops, so they are very snug against one another. Now, all you have to do is thread a piece of string or twine through the eyelets and tie it in a knot around your copper pipe.

3. The PVC Pipe Stand

This is an excellent, sturdy stand for your pendulum. All you need to do is cut a piece of PVC pipe to take the exact measurements as your copper pipe and attach a T joint or elbow joint at one end. You will then have to hold this joint with pliers and use a caulk gun to fill the entire inside with silicone caulk.

You need to do is cut a piece of PVC pipe to take the exact measurements as your copper pipe and attach a T joint or elbow joint at one end.

4. The Crayon Stand

This is another simple, easy way to make your pendulum stand. All you need are some empty tic-tac containers and a roll of aluminum foil. Please take out the crayon pieces and fill each container with aluminum foil until about 2/3 of The CD Stand. This is a simple but exciting way to make a pendulum stand.

Start by taking apart any CDs you have lying around, or if you have none, head out to your local thrift store and pick up one that may have been thrown out for being scratched. Once you have it, just cut small pieces of tape off, so it’s in a perfect circle.

Then, cut another piece, so it’s the same size as the center hole in your CD. Once that is done, tape them together so you have a nice flat bottom for your pendulum to rest on when not used!

5. The Lightbulb Stand

This is an exciting way to make your pendulum stand. You will need a lightbulb, pliers, wire cutters, and either an electric drill or screwdriver with a very small bit. First of all, you will need to use the drill or screwdriver to get into the neck of the lightbulb deep enough for your copper pipe to fit through it.

Then, you will need to thread a piece of string through your metal pipe and tie it around the inside neck. Lastly, remove the little screw-type cap from inside the lightbulb neck, and you’re done!

Some Tips and Suggestions

1. You want a large enough weight to create a swaying motion, but not so significant that you can’t see the bottom of the importance. The size needed will vary depending on the person. We suggest starting with a dumbbell and adding coins as necessary until it is appropriately balanced.

2. Be sure your stand is secure and won’t slide around a table, desk, or floor. Sand may be spread across the surface to give it increased friction.

Be sure your stand is secure and won't slide around a table, desk, or floor. Sand may be spread across the surface to give it increased friction.

3. Have no fear! A pendulum stand will rarely fall over unless there is sufficient force from another object colliding with it (objects on a shelf, the wind blowing through an open window, etc.).

4. Be sure the variable of other objects in your environment is considered when determining whether or not to add weight (i.e., a standing lamp, picture frame, etc.)

5. While we suggest using coins, you can use anything reasonably heavy and non-breakable: silverware, washers, or glass beads.


The following blog post shows how to make a pendulum stand using different methods. Take the top of the CD, place it on a table with one side facing up, and use your hand to hold it in place while you wrap the string around both sides of the disc so that they meet at its center.

Now tie them together tightly before removing your hands from underneath, and then attach weights or items of varying weight by hanging them from either end of this makeshift pendulum stand.

Keep in mind that a pendulum will only work if the string is perpendicular to the ground. If you need help making your own, we have some DIY tutorials for you! And don’t forget about your selection of Pendulums and other Metaphysical Supplies! We hope this article has been helpful and informative. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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