How to Make a Pirate Flag


I thought up the concept for this DIY roger flag design for Pickle’s pirate party since I wished to create it disaster-free and straightforward sufficient for kids (something they can take the house in their gift baskets). I’ve also purchased dark felt to make Pickle’s hat, and I’ve already got eyes and shiny stars in the project closet, so I’ve put along this miniature flag to do market.

how to make a pirate flag

You will require:

  • Double-lined adhesive tape
  • A4 (so around the shape) black-felt panels (one for each visitor party)
  • Adhesive labeling (not mandatory but recommendable if you’ve got loads of visitors)!
  • Big scraps of felt in different shades
  • Messy googly eyes
  • Self-adhesive or identical stars
  • Scissors
  • Narrow tins (recycle cans of food)

A Process on How to Make a Pirate Flag:

Process One

First, find a sturdy piece of fabric to use as your flag. You’ll want it at least 12″x12″. Fold the top down about three inches (you’ll need an extra inch for finishing) so that the shorter side is facing you. Cut off the excess with your scissors.

Next, pick out some pieces of felt and cut them into approximately one-inch wide strips (these will represent either stripes or motifs). Ensure they’re long enough to go from the bottom up on each side when sewn onto the flag.

So if you have a “striped” design, feel free to make them different widths; make sure they’re all the same width when sewn onto your flag.

Sew them into the top of your piece of fabric

Now sew them onto the top of your piece of fabric, sewing one side of each strip down and then folding over so that it’s facing you (this will give you a nice professional-looking edge).

Sew evenly spaced along your entire length until you’ve reached the other end and starting back at the beginning again. You’ll be making two sets of stitches: One in from either side with about an inch or two between them; these are called “pinch” stitches since they pin together the layers as well as secure everything in place once sewn.

Keep some slack to create pleats later if desired for aesthetic purposes (these can also act as knots to be tightened and loosened if you want to change things up).

Process Two

Bring one black piece of felt (tag this if you have loads of visitors and save misunderstanding later). Those will shape every flag’s ‘foundation.’ Find a free downloadable Jolly Roger prototype and pick from various colored felt pieces necessary Jolly Roger forms.

When you choose to give a range of colors to your partygoers, pick out several additives instead of just one per, and it’s very time-consuming, so you would like to tell community members to try to cut them out. 

Split Dbl-sided, adhesive tape pieces and add them to the rear of every Roger type. Set up a place with cut-out flag foundations and lots of eyes and stars in small plates (and other greasy-backed patterns), and then let the children make their respective flags.

Children Pirate Flag


  • Don’t use sharp objects to cut the fabric *Be careful not to touch anything with your fingers while you are making it!
  • We recommend using a sewing machine, but if you only have scissors then that will work too.
  • Beware of children and pets when working near them – they might get curious about what you’re doing.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Should Pirate Flags Always Be Black?

In the world of pirate flags, it is always assumed that a black flag means death. However, different pirates had their own meanings associated with various colors and shapes for their flags. For example, some captains see red as an indication to attack, while others see white as an invitation to parley or surrender. These are not hard-and-fast rules, though; just like in any other culture, there were variations in an individual tradition among pirates.

Which Fabric is Best for Making a Pirate Flag?

The best fabric for making a pirate flag is cotton. This is because the colors won’t run, and it’s easy to work with. It also doesn’t matter what color of fabric you use – even white will do! Fabric stores sell lightweight cotton sheets in different widths, so all you need to find out how much material you’ll need. To make your life easier, buy pre-cut shapes already sized for a pirate flag size rather than cutting them yourself from a sheet or bolt of cloth.

Final Thoughts:

We have stated two of the easiest and most common methods of making a pirate flag. For having the best result, you must follow the procedure as directed. You can also use different colors and add aesthetic features to the flag. Thank you, and have a good day.

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