How to Make a Pitching Target

A perfect launch target is an essential thing for performing your baseball practices properly. In order to acquire the trophy, you need to practice hard and make yourself ready for aiming at the target on different types of pitches. In this case, the pitching net helps a lot. It allows the player to learn more about the ways of controlling the ball, and in the real game, it helps them with more hitters. That’s why a pitching target bears the utmost importance for a baseball player. These targets can be easily found at your nearest shops, or you can buy them from different online platforms. But with a little effort, you can also make them at your home. Wanna learn how to make a pitching target? Let’s show you the exact ways.

How to Make a Pitching Target

Things You Will Need

  1. Two 4 ft. long PVC pipes
  2. Six PVC pipe fittings of 90-degree
  3. Five long PVC pipes of 3-foot
  4. 4×5 ft of 1/2-inch mesh
  5. 12 tube clamps
  6. PVC connectors (two three-way)

How to Make a Pitching Target

 Step 1 – Build the Launch Target

First of all, you have to cut the pipes according to the above measurement. Lay the pipes that are of 3 and 4 foot and turn them into a rectangular (3×4) shape. Once you have done that, take the plumber’s glue and connect the ends properly. Now, take the 90-degree fitting and connect one 3-foot piece with two 4-foot pieces. Repeat the process and complete the rectangular shape. Now secure every attachment with plumber’s glue. That’s it; your launch target frame is ready.

Cut the Pipes According To the Above Measurement

Step 2 – Cut the Launch Target Network

Now, you have to make your launch screen with a net. In this step, you should keep 3 inches excess from the side while cutting the net. So, cut the net carefully and attach it with clamps. Next, mark the center and cut a hole according to your desired size. On the other hand, you can also make the job done simply by marking the strike zone. If you are marking the net, make sure to use a bright and shiny marker. 

Make your launch screen with a net

Step 3 – Secure Casting Coach

Your pitching target is almost ready. But before you start practicing with it, ensure a secure attachment of this thing. In this case, you have to consider the age of the pitcher. If this is for adults, make sure to use an adult stand. In fact, the throwing net that you have attached will be extremely hard, and that can make it fall. You will definitely not like to run to the frame and picking it up from the ground. So, put provide the frame with some additional supports. In this case, you can use some heavy sandbags at the bottom or for the back support, or you can use anything that will hold your pitching target securely.

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