How To Make A Playing Card Box

Playing cards are often kept unused in our houses. For this reason, today, we will show you a technique on how to make a playing card box. This will be a much effective and excellent way to use the stack of cards and enhance the home’s aesthetic d├ęcor. The process is discussed below.

How To Make A Playing Card Box


You will need a stack of cards or efficiently perform the task using soft cardboards for this process. You will also need some pencils and markers for this process, this is much needed for marking the necessary notations, and you will need a glue gun. This will be used for attaching the cards. You will also need a ruler and a cutter. It is better to use a straight edge and a scissor while cutting the cardboard. The thickness of the cardboard should be similar to the thickness of standard playing cards. Once you have gathered all these, you can dive into the primary process.

At first, you have to start with the stack of cards. If you do not have a stack of cards, you can easily cut the familiar cardboard into the shape of playing cards and then perform the task. Now you have to make two cards and then place them one above another is a plus manner. After you have set the cards, you have to start folding the edges of the cards. The edges will be folded, and it will be, and the cards will have the same amount of free space. Then you have detached the cards, and now you have to take the two cards and interlock the folded edges.

This will look like a picket with both ends open. You have to make six such interlocked card pairs. This will be used as the six surfaces of the box. You can also use two different decks cards, and it will make a contrasting color combination for the surfaces. Once the surfaces are prepared, you have to take some regular playing cards and fold them into halves. These cards will be used as the interlocking material between the surfaces. You have to take previous surface cards and then take four folded cards and insert them on the cards’ vacant spaces.

Now you have obtained the lower surface of the box. Next, you have to take the other folded cards, use the surface cards, insert them sidewise, and use them on the folded card. You have to connect two surfaces. In this manner, the four sides of the box will be secured using four cards. Then you have to take another surface card and insert half of a folded card in it. Now you have to take the previously prepared base card and interlock it with the standard surfaces, and then you have to take the half inserted surface card and lock it above with a side surface card. Your box is ready!!

Folding the Edges of the Cards


In conclusion, we hope that the process we have stated here will surely help make a playing card box. The beginners will love this technique. Thank you for your time. Have a nice day!

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