How to Make a Prop Passport

When you are working in theatre or doing a drama project, you will have to make many props to fit the drama’s theme. Without having props, your acting is going to be good. The props are essential as they will help the audience feel real. That is why people spend money and hours of hard-working finding and creating the props. Here we will tell you how to make a prop passport.

How to Make a Prop Passport

There are many theatrical drama themes, and among them, airports, immigration, tourist, etc., are a significant part. When you think about these themes and ask about naming one thing, your mind will surely divert to that one thing everyone needs: and that is a passport. Without a passport, these themes will not be completed.

You cannot use a real passport for this purpose for many reasons. Although if a borrowed passport could be used, that would be more fruitful. But a passport is an essential thing for an individual. The passport will have all the information about the individual. So, it is understandable that no one will want their passport to be seen by other people. Also, in theatrical work, there are chances of things being lost or stolen. And no one wants to take the risk of losing their passport for any reason.

Many people will use any small booklet as a passport; your audience will not understand or mind. But the thing is that when you are working on the drama, you will do anything to make it look realistic. So, if your passport looks funny, people will have difficulty getting into the drama. Also, the passport could ruin the whole outfit of the character using the passport. That is why learning how to make a prop passport is very important.

Summary: Making a prop passport can be a fun and creative way to add some excitement to your next performance or presentation. By creating a unique document that reflects your specific persona, you can draw attention to your unique brand and message.

DIY: How to Make a Prop Passport

You might be thinking, it’s only a passport, why do I have to make a plan! The thing is that you have to do your research before you start making the passport. Every country has passports, not even one but a few different types. So, before you do anything, you need to make sure what sort of passport you will use for the drama.

Suppose you will use a USA passport, which is the green one. So, you need to research the passport size, how many pages they have, and what sorts of information they have. And according to the notes taken, you can make the prop passport. The more realistic the passport, the better your drama will be.

Create the Cover

Create the Cover of passport

The first thing you should be starting with is the cover. The cover is the main thing about the passport. If the body is realistic enough, that will do the work. If you have seen a passport before, you will notice the cover is heavy, thick, and has a shin. That is why you need to make the cover carefully.

The first idea for creating the cover is using thick crafting paper of the color you want for your passport. As for the design of the passport, you can do that by copying. You will find lots of photos of the passport you are mocking online. Get one of the pictures and trace down everything like the one.

And if you do not want to do that, you have a much better option. You can print the passport on a page. You have to make sure that printing is color. This is an easy way as it will save you from doing the tracing work. Next, you must take a large piece of crafting paper and cut it down to the size of the cover you have printed. Attach the cover to the crafting paper, and your body is made.

One thing you need to do in both ways is that you have to do the front and backside in one paper as it will let you fold the paper into creating a booklet.

Creating the Side

Creating the Side of passport

Now that you have created the cover, you can start with the inside of the passport to learn how to make a prop passport.

The first thing you have to do is know how many pages, what sorts of information, and the format of the passport pages. Usually, a regular passport of the USA will have 32 pages with an additional front page, where the information and the holder’s picture will be. So, you should start with the front page.

You can make the front page by tracing the information and putting it on the picture with some glue. But this will not be as effective as the real one. The best method this time is also printing. You can easily find a similar page online. All you need to do is make some edits to the page according to the holder’s information and place the picture on the right part. Print the image, and you are done.

Next are the other pages. As we have said, there should be 32 pages. You can print 16 pages and fold them to fit the booklet. As for the information, the best way is to publish them all, like the pictures.
Place all the pages together with glue or some bindings; your prop passport will be ready.

Print the Image

Final Thoughts

That was all for how to make a prop passport. It might seem like a lot of work, but it is not if you are using the method for printing. By printing things, all you have to do is build them together. One tip is that you need to print with a fair and color printer so that the pages will look realistic. Hopefully, our tips and tricks will help you to create the best prop passport and make a good prop for your drama.

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