The invisible cardboard boxes are really fascinating. They can be cheaply made with the cardboards in our home, and the puzzle pattern can make us feel the joy to the fullest. So, why not make these cardboard puzzle boxes and bring the fun into our home. That will be really great, isn’t it? Don’t worry; it is not that hard. I have got you covered with some simplest techniques of making the cardboard boxes. So, let’s see how to make a puzzle box out of cardboard in the easiest ways.

Supplies You Will Need

  • Cardboard
  • A ruler
  • Packing tape
  • Hot glue gun
  • A knife or box cutter
  • Colors

How to Make a Puzzle Box Out of Cardboard?

First of all, you have to ensure accurate measurement. So, take your ruler, measure the cardboard piece according, and cut them out.

Now, you have to make some holes. Make the first hole with the measurement of 2”x1/4” and then place a piece inside of that hole. Secure the piece by putting some glue on it. After that, make another hole with the measurement of ½”x ¼ “by the side and put one of the pieces inside of it. Secure the piece by gluing it. Next, add the third piece to the top of your box. This time leave a space so that you can open directly with the smaller holes. This will work as the locking mechanism.

Okay, it is time for the assembly. Assemble the parts and the locking mechanism. Test them whether they are working appropriately or not. For this, you can slide the bottoms to open the device. It shouldn’t open if it’s locked. If you find something wrong, try to figure what has gone wrong and fix that with your own effort.

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