How To Make A Scrub Top

Being a nurse will require you to have a few of the scrub uniforms. A nurse knows how regularly they have to wear them and how often they need to wash them. So, it is inevitable for them to be worn out easily. The best way is to have at least two or three uniforms made. If you want to be a little creative and learn how to make a scrub top yourself, you should keep following ahead as we will tell you the best way to make a scrub top.

Processes on How To Make A Scrub Top

This will be done in two parts, where the first part will consist of finding out what materials are needed for this project and which tools you should use. The second step would have several pictures showing how to complete making these scrubs tops. Before we start, however, let us take an inventory of all the necessary supplies:

Required Materials:

  • A measurement tool such as a ruler or measuring tape;
  • Scissors;
  • Ruler (optional);  fabric with dimensions 45cm x 55 cm;  
  • pins – at least three pieces total;  sewing machine sewing thread needle scissors screwdriver iron fabric shears safety pins needle threader straight pins
  • Drafting/artistic pencil and paper to sketch out your design.

Process One

This is the measurement tool that you should be using if you have one, or else a measuring tape will do just as well. If not, then please find something in your house with measurements on it, such as an old ruler, at least for this part of the process.  

Measurement tools are important because they will help us know how long to cut our fabric to get accurate measurements before cutting it, which helps save time when making things later down the line and makes cuts even more precise than other options like scissors would allow.

A pair of shears is needed for cutting fabrics into pieces – these could come from a sewing kit, but they’re not necessary as long as you’ve found a way to cut your fabric into pieces.

Fabrics are measured in yards and inches – the most common measurement for fabrics is 36″ by 60″. So if we want to make something that’s 30-inches deep and 20-inches tall, it will require two yards of fabric (36×30=1200).

You can use any type or thickness of material for this project, so have fun with what you choose! I’m going to go over making a simple scrub top using jersey-knit cotton because it’s inexpensive and easy. Feel free to experiment with other types like quilting cotton, silk organza, or wool felt from old sweaters. Too!

Start by cutting the fabric into pieces in a way that will allow you to sew them back together with right sides facing each other – for example, cut two strips of fabric 60-inches long and then split one piece down the middle, so it’s 30-inches deep.

Since we’re working with jersey-knit cotton, this is also an excellent time to prewash your material (unless it’s 100% polyester). You can do this by hand or machine washing cold water in a gentle/delicate setting. Be sure not to over wash because excessive agitation can cause shrinking.

I prefer to pretreat my material beforehand simply because some things happen during production, such as dyes being applied and sometimes chemicals used. Still, these steps aren’t necessary if you know what you’re up against.

Process Two

The first thing you have to focus on is the fabric you will use to make the top. The material is essential as you need it to be comfortable and durable. The best fabric for the scrub uniform is pure cotton or polyester cotton.

Once you have selected your fabric with a suitable color, you can start with the next step for how to make a scrub top.

It would be best if you found a pattern for the top. If you cannot find a scrub pattern, you can use any top pattern with a V neck.

Once you have the pattern, cut the fabric according to the measurement. If you are not sure, then you should measure your body to be confirmed.

Start with sewing the neck border. After that, attach the front and back from the shoulder point.

After sewing the shoulder, work on the sides of the two parts.

Next, you need to sew the sleeves. Do the border first, and then attach them with the body part.

And after that, sew the bottom of the border.

If you want, you can add two side pockets as well.

Final Thoughts

That was all for how to make a scrub top. Hopefully, you will be benefitted from our tips and make your desire scrub top.

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