How to Tighten Shirt Sleeves Without Sewing

The thought of stitching up an entire t-shirt by hand is a bit overwhelming, but it doesn’t take ages or a lot of talent. The early stage of this task might go rapidly, so it is easy to do the very long procedure of hand-sewing the edges and sleeves of clothing through using at least your mental capabilities (indicating you could do something else besides enjoying a film, listening to a playlist, or conferencing with anyone while resizing the current T-shirt).

how to tighten shirt sleeves without sewing

Summary: If you want to tighten shirt sleeves without having to sew them, there are a few different methods you can use. One is to use a clothes hanger. Just loop the hanger around the sleeve and pull tight. Another option is to use a bandanna. Wrap the bandanna around the sleeve and tie it in a knot. Finally, you can use a needle and thread to sew the shirt sleeve closed.


• I was using the narrower shirt sleeves then as a guideline to trim the bulk out of the more oversized sleeves.

• I was using the narrower shirt sleeves then as a guideline to trim the bulk out of the more oversized sleeves.

• Spread out clothing pieces after trimming all of the edges to test to see if anything sounds perfect.

• With the clothing-in-progress lining up to better-fitting, open up along its shoulder line like such butterflies and continue to the next stage.

• You would need to fix the shirt’s seams already inside out and loosely packed around, inserting stitching around each half centimeter. I recommend that you sew the shirt’s seams with blanket stitching since I think it’s very strong stitching and often visually appealing (although it’s going to be on the inside of the shirt).

Inserting Stitching Around  Each Half Centimeter

Stitch every seam that extends from the base of the torso edge to the shirt looks armpit and then on to the edge within every cuff.

• Stitch the border that ties the sleeves to the shirt’s torso.

• You could see what the stitching looks like inside and the exterior after it has been done. It cannot be apparent, for the most portion that the clothing was not sold in the supermarket.

• You would then get a shirt that fits your preference, so dress up this with confidence realizing this with no support from such machines, you have fixed it up around your own. Awesome work!

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