How to Make a Skunk Tail


Many techniques can be sued to make a skunk, but for our readers’ betterment today, we are going to discuss an easy method of making a skank tail. The process is stated below with an appropriate explanation.


For making a skunk tail, you will need some necessary elements. At first, you will need fur for the tail. You will need black skin and white fur for this process. Then you will need a thin steel wire. This will be used as the skeleton for the tail. You will also need a super glue for attaching the fur, and you will need pliers for bending the wire. At last, you will need a pair of scissors for cutting the skin into the desired dimension. Once you have managed all these elements, you can start the process.

At first, you have to cut the total fur according to the size of the costume. The white coat will be placed on the black coat. For this reason, you have to cut the black skin slightly bigger than the white fur. Once the furs are cut, you have to start placing them one above the other. You have to apply super glue on the back fur’s surface and then place the white on and attach them. You can also use a staple gun for this purpose.

Now you have to take the wire and then connect then wire at along the furs’ center. For this, you have to apply glue on the lower surface of the black fur and then click the wire to the skins. After the glue is dried, you have to use a plier, and then you have to bend the wire. We suggest you bend the wire in S shape. Thus the skunk tail will be made using widespread materials.


Lastly, we hope that the technique we have exhibited here will be beneficial for our readers. Thank you for your time. Have a nice day!

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