Snoods are one of the most used belonging for the woman of mid-nineties. Because at that time, they used to get to work by wearing these snoods, which would cover their hair and place them firmly to their head so that they can work properly. Today we are going to teach you how to make a snood hair net, which will be beneficial for the beginners. The process will help you to make your snood and wear them with any outfit you want.


For the knitting of the snood net, the first thing that you have to do is take the yarn and make a circle. This circle will act as the center of the snood. Then tie a knot in the thread. This knot will serve as the inception of the snood, and then you have to perform crochet based on the knot. It is better to make five consecutive crochets form the knot, and then you have to take the needle and pass through the first crochet, this will allow you to have a perfect center for the snood.

The next step is quite natural because now you only have to perform the single crochet; thus, this is the easiest thing to learn for crochet. You have to play the single crochet around the whole circle, and this will allow you to have a proper border to the ring. The next step is to make the petals for the snood. For this, you again, you have to perform the five consecutive crochets and then attach them to the next loop by single crochet.

In this manner, the snood’s petals will be prepared, which will also keep a significant amount of gap between them so that your hair does not get exhausted or start to sweat. This process of chain five and single crochet will be much helpful for the easy making of the snood for the beginners. After completing each circular stitch around the center, you have to perform single crochet, which will attach the yarn to the center loop.

In this manner, the whole snood will be prepared, and for the border, we have to do some extra stitches, which will provide a thick border around the edge. Thus the grip of your of the snood around your hair will be firm. You can also use an elastic material and place it along the border then make the stitch. In this manner, you can easily adjust the snood to your hair without much complications which will be much essential

Things to Keep in Mind While Performing the Task


Knitting a snood is quite easy, but there is the incorporation of the needle in this process, which is quite harmful to the fingers if you are not well aware of the needle while using it. The sharp edge can easily pierce your finger for the slightest of insincerity. For this reason, you maintain proper safety while performing the crochet.


Can the crochet be made multi-colored?

For making a multi-colored snood, you need to have more than one color of yarn. This will help you to make the snood more aesthetic. For this, you have to complete the knitting with one thread and then add a new ball of yarn of different colors at the endpoint where you have left the last thread. In this manner, you can keep on adding new color yarn to your snood.

Final Thoughts

Lastly, we would like to infer that learning new things is always admired by everyone, and for this reason, to improve your DIY skill, we have mentioned the whole process of kitting a snood for your hair. We hope the step by step explanation has been much help to you. Happy knitting! Good Day!!

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