How to Make a Tricorn Hat Out Of Paper

Tricorn hats are one of the most famous attire of the eighteenth century. People used to wear it widely with their outfits. Especially in the Mexican region, these hats were used by most of the people. Still, people get fascinated by these hats. And you can also use these hats for your children to wear at costume parties or dress as you like in competitions.

Today we will discuss an easy technique that will allow you to learn the process of making a tricorn hat. For this process, you will need some items, and these include cardboard papers. These papers are slightly heavier in thickness than the usual papers. You will need a pair of scissors and glue. You will also need some decorating items like paint, glitter, and laces.

After you have gathered all these items, you can start the hat-making process. You have to start by printing a template. You can also use freehand drawing. But you must make three different templates which will help you join it and make the Tricorn hat.

After you have obtained the template, you can use a pair of scissors and carve them from the original paper. Next, you have to design the different parts of the hat. For this, you can use laces. It will be suitable if you use black colored paper and then apply silver or golden laces to decorate them.

You can add paper made stars on the hat using glue, and you can also add glitters to make it look beautiful. After you have decorated the cap, you have to join the different parts. For this, you will need a strong adhesive. It will be better to use the liquid glue gun. You have to measure the head in which the hat will be suited and then connect the three parts using a glue gun. Your hat is ready to be worn.

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