How to Make a Wash for Model Painting

Models and action figures are the most common things that are found in a child’s room. And the collection of these things are specially done by the kids based on the favorite TV character or cartoon character. Sometimes the colors of these products get faded, and then DIY coloring requires to keep them in good shape. For this reason today, we are going to show you some techniques on how to make a wash for model painting, which will be beneficial.

How to Make a Wash for Model Painting


We use two the Tamiya paints, and the Vallejo paints for making the ideal wash for the model painting. So it would help if you had both of them before you start making the wash. You will require small pots on which you will establish the liquid, you will also need a bowl of water, and this water will be mixed in adequate proportions to make the wash. At last, you will require Isopropyl alcohol. You can make the wash with any paint you have, but you will require a varnish to protect your paintjob. Varnish is vital as it gives gloss and protecting your paintjob.

How to Make a Wash for Model Painting


The Technique for Tamiya Paints

For this process, at first, you have to gather all the colors that you need for the operation and then keep them on a table. Then you have to manage an equal number of small pots in which the separate color wash will be prepared. Next, you have to maintain a dropper. This will be used to pour the colors. The paints are taken in a separate pot, and they are made thin. This is done by adding water. Then, the color is poured into one of the small pots. After that, the next color is taken in the same manner and transferred to another pot.

So we mix some water and alcohol to dilute and then apply them, and drying is also escalated. So you have to take the paint in a pot. Measure the amount of color that you have taken. Then take the dropper to clean it with water and then take three times water compared to the paint and then mix it. After that, you have to take the isopropyl alcohol similar to the amount of water and mix it with the paint. Now you have to pour it in a canister to use it in an airbrush. Now you are ready to use your paint and airbrush for airbrushing.

The Technique for Vallejo Paints

In this case, you have to go through the same procedure, but the composition is different. At first, you have to take the pain in the dropper, and add it to a separate pot, measure the amount of paint that you have used. Now you have to take the dropper and clean it, and then you have to mix water to the paint solution.

In this case, you have to take five times of water compared to the amount of paint. This is done because of the color it too concentrated. Next, you have to take the dropper and add isopropyl alcohol to the solution. The amount will be half of the amount go water. The amount is quite less because the Vallejo paint takes less time for drying compared to the Tamiya paints. Now add a few drops of this mixture to the color. You will see that the paint has become quite fluid, and you can apply it easily. The same method is applicable to the other colors too.


In conclusion, we would like to say that the techniques that we have mentioned will surely provide an excellent means of making a reliable wash for painting your model. The beginners can quickly learn this technique, and the prerequisite for this is also much less. These processes will highly develop painting skills. Thank you for your patience. Happy painting!!

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