How to Make a Wooden Fidget Spinner


The Fidget spinner is one of the most famous toys recently, which has grabbed both young and old. Wooden fidget spinners can easily be made with your household elements. For this reason, today, we will discuss a technique to make a wooden fidget spinner. This will be very helpful for people who are interested in DIY activities.

How to Make a Wooden Fidget Spinner


• Step One

For this process, we will first need some elements to be used for the entire process. You will need a piece of wood. It is better to obtain wood that has minimal thickness. For a standard fidget spinner, the standard thickness should the less than a quarter inch. Then you will need adhesive for this process. You will also need a pencil and some drawing equipment. You will need an automated saw to cut the wood into the desired shape. You can also use jigsaw in this case, and lastly, you will need some bearings for rotating the spinner.

• Step Two

After you have gathered all the necessary elements, you can start working. First, remove the wood and carve the fidget spinner portion. For this, you need to have the desired dimension of the spinner. You can quickly get a scaled fidget spinner from the internet and take the printout of the image. Attach the photo in the middle of the wood. For this, you can use standard adhesive because you have to retract the entire sticker after the wood is cut.

• Step Three

Use a Jigsaw to Carve

Once the wood is set on the platform, you can use an automated saw or jigsaw to carve the spinner. You must be careful about the edges because the spinner’s shape is essential for maintaining balance. After taking the spinner’s mainframe, you should start giving the corners proper shape. For this, you can use a file and sandpaper. This will help you reduce the extra wood from the edges, and the perfect shape will be obtained. Once the boundaries are adequately maintained, you must use a circular saw to drill holes in the spinner.

• Step Four

After the holes are drilled, you have to install the bearing. Before installing the bearing, you have to clean the bearing in an alcoholic solution. This will give smoothness to the surface of the bearing, and it will also become germ-free. Now you have to use a strong adhesive to connect the bearing of the spinner’s center. Once the bearing is set, you have to start polishing the spinner. For this, you can use a suitable wood burnish. You have to apply it evenly on the wood, and then using a soft cloth, you can quickly spread the wax and then let it dry. Afterward, you can play with the spinner.


In conclusion, we would like to state that the process mentioned here will surely help make a fidget spinner. Beginners can easily use this technique and make a fidget spinner. Thank you for your time. Have a nice day!

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