How to Make Wooden Spinning Tops

Wooden spinning tops are a timeless toy many have enjoyed for generations. They can be made with wood scraps and don’t require special tools – just some time and effort! This article will show you how to make wooden spinning tops using materials you may already have around the house.

Material You Will Need To Make Wooden Spinning Tops

  • A round piece of wood
  • Sandpaper or a file to smooth the edges and corners
  • String, yarn, ribbon, twine. You can also use shoelaces as long as they are sturdy enough not to break when you spin the top on them. Don’t forget some scissors!
  • A pencil, marker, paint pen, crayon (whatever works)
How to Make Wooden Spinning Tops

A good size for wooden spinning tops is about an inch in diameter (you will remember that from our last blog post). Anything smaller than this may be too small, and anything larger may make it more difficult for children to get their fingers around the edge. If you’re using two different types of material, like leather strips with colorful cloth tails attached instead of yarn or fiberfill stuffing, you might want to make the yarn or fiberfill stuffing longer than the leather strips.

6 Steps on How to Make Wooden Spinning Tops

1. Get a Piece of Wood

If you want to make your own wooden tops, ensure the wood you use is at least an inch thick and three inches long. A piece of scrap wood or something inexpensive is ideal because if it breaks while you’re spinning the top, no one needs to know! Just remember that when it comes to size, anything smaller than one inch is too small – though there are tops made for this size.

A Piece Of Wood

2. Cut the Wood Into Two Pieces:

I cut the wood into two pieces, each about an inch and a half long. If you’re using more than one type of material, this is when you should decide how much of each for your top; I used three inches of yarn with six strips of leather on my tops.

It’s important to know where to make your cuts:

  • The first cut should be in a straight line
  • The second cut needs to create a point on one end of your top, and this part is usually pretty deep into the wood, so I recommend that you use some kind of sharp objects like an Exacto knife or a large safety pin (I used scissors) to cut out the point.

3. Drill a Hole in One End of Each Piece

I drilled a hole in one end of each piece of wood. The top to be the bottom should have its point facing up, and the other should face down. I used a wide drill bit for my holes because it’s easier than forcing something thin through larger pieces of wood (this was much better).
The process is simple; you only need to put the top together.

Drill A Hole In One End Of Each Piece

4. Sand the Edges to Make Them Smooth and Round:

To round the edges of the wooden spinning tops, I recommend sanding them with a small hand sander. This is more work than anything and will be worth it in the end because now your spinning tops are ready to go!

I’ve found that sometimes they can wobble around if you don’t have any flat surfaces for them to spin on, so I recommend getting some good flat cutting board.

5. Put Some Glue on the Edge

Put some glue on the edge of one side and stick it to the other side so that they are glued together, but not too tightly, or you won’t be able to spin your top!

6. Paint Your Spinning Top With Any Color You Want

Lay down some newspaper or something to protect the surface, and paint your spinning top with any color you want. You can use markers or paint, whichever you prefer!

paint your spinning top with any color you want.

Tip: I recommend painting the top of your spinning tops before gluing them together. It is easier to do that than once they are glued because it’s hard to reach inside and get good coverage with any paintbrush.

Cautions to Remember

When the strings are glued together, it will be difficult to untie them. To make sure they are securely attached and that there is no way for anyone to pull apart the connected ends without breaking them off completely, you can put a small dab of glue on each side before gluing one string to another – or you can use hot glue which dries instantly!

Extra Ideas

  • You can also turn your spinning top into a spinner toy by attaching two pieces of cardboard with holes cut in them (like an old Pringles container lid) to opposite sides using rubber bands as axels. Once your wheels are secured tightly enough, so they don’t slip around when spun, pick up the contraption at either end and spin it in your hands.
  • You can also buy spinning top kits, which include all the materials you need to make a wooden spinner toy!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is a Spinning Top Made of?

A spinning top is made of a hard, durable material that is often brightly colored. The top is attached to an axle or shaft, which revolves around a vertical axis.

The object is typically tossed up in the air and caught by someone watching. As the top spins, it will rotate around its vertical axis, causing it to move forward or backward on the axle.

What Is the Motion of a Spinning Top?

The motion of a spinning top is caused by the weight of the top and the wind. The heavier the top, the more it will resist being turned by the wind. This resistance causes a rotational force that causes the top to spin.

Why Do Tops Precess?

Tops Precess is a natural phenomenon occurring when the Earth’s magnetic field reverses. This can cause electric currents to flow in different directions, creating heat and sound.

The Earth’s magnetic field protects us from harmful solar radiation. However, every now and then, the field reverses. This causes a decrease in the number of electrons in the outer layer of the atmosphere. The change in electron distribution creates an imbalance between positive and negative ions in the air, which results in lightning and thunder.

Do Spinning Objects Lose Weight?

There is no concrete evidence that spinning objects help you lose weight. Some people might think it makes sense, but no scientific proof supports this claim. In fact, spinning objects could actually make you consume more calories because of the extra movement and activity it provides.


The best way to master the art of spinning tops is by practicing. When you’re just starting out, it’s good to have a small top that doesn’t wobble much so that you can get used to how your top spins. After some practice, you’ll be able to spin a top on any surface, no matter how uneven.

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