How to Make a Wooden Photo Album

The very first move is a ride to artwork or desk-supply shop. Pick the scale of the picture display that you’d like to operate with. Any sheets are just blank pages that are placed through secure plates of transparent plastic. In exchange, the protectors are typically pushed into a 3-ring binder to be used. For post wrapping and “hinged,” the papers.


I provide are gap punching, indicating every paper was designed to bend at a specific system all alongside where it will be sealed into the album. I picked a sheet size which was 12′′ x 12′′. Then, I purchased my post binding hooks and pivot. “In the catalog, the bolts come in varying sizes, with each length making a change of 1⁄4”. The brass hinge is 3′ long and straightforward to cut.

A Choice Term about Timber

Using feather-figured walnut which was resawn and book matched, my album covers are produced. It emerged from a wood in my area which had been cut down around years ago and cut into timber. But it has been air-dried this whole period; after resawing and gluing up, I was worried as a cat regarding my parts reshaping. Extremely considered timber also has its purpose.

I recognize walnut, including mahogany, which is a reasonably sturdy, but I held my pieces on a smooth surface with such an entire weight until I could complete them off. I became good, also at the small 1⁄4′ scale, because both parts stayed utterly smooth. The purpose of this call is to inform you for being careful regarding your choice and treating wood. Continue using a healthy species. Less dangerous will be a smaller album.

Configuration & Completing Components

I adopted the gap designs, which were all in the album papers for the post binding hooks. “My whole core for the hooks was 2-9⁄16” from the upper part to enable the upper and bottom roofline. “I named a gapped core of 1⁄2” from the critical point. To retract significantly heads of the bolts, the issues needed a 1⁄4′′ gap with a 1⁄2′′-diameter counterbore.

In the power drill, I was using the Forstner key for digging. Front and rear banding strips ought to be drilled precisely the same. I gradually dusted to # 220 gritty at this stage, rounding exterior edges to a radius of 3⁄16 “and significantly improved the sides, except the sides in which the hinge was to be mounted.

The finishing might even be more complicated than you’re used to, but the incredible walnut model required a finishing as excellent as I understand how. But every move was worthwhile. Since walnut is an accessible-pore surface, I used the paste wood filling to cover the body. To paint the filler and also the wood, I applied an oil-based walnut polish to the filling. I required it to settle for 24hrs after adding the stuffing.

I was using the lacquer, which arrives with an aerosol spray container for a transparent coating. The object is the finest lacquer I have in a jar. Attach the post portion with the post binding hooks and filled in the slots for your picture link. I noticed that, with a standard paper push, this was possible to widen the gaps in the papers moderately.

Place its other covering over the post once finished and then install the bolt. Placed a felt bumper patch on either side of the cover page if you are thinking of leaving the photo on a cafe table, but if you’d like to shield the back cover from scratch.

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