How to Make an Outdoor Sign Waterproof

If you want to make your house, farm, or office look nicer, you can use an outdoor sign. Some people like to use wooden signs because they are easy to keep in good condition. To make a wooden sign waterproof, you can follow these simple steps.

How to Make an Outdoor Sign Waterproof

Types of Outdoor Signs

There are many outdoor signs that people use nowadays, as pylon signs, backlit signs, Illuminated signs, reader board signs, wooden signs. As we said earlier, wooden outdoor signs are the most popular among them. We suggest you choose a wooden sign for your outdoor sign.

How to Make an Outdoor Sign Waterproof

There are a few steps. We are discussing them below-

Wooden Sign:

Choosing Wood Type:

  • Choosing the right wood type is essential for making your preservation process easier. Redwood, red cedar, and cypress are widely used for outdoor activities because they are naturally robust.
  • You can also choose treated wood if it is available to you.
  • Make your wood thick for long-lasting.
  • Well, if your outdoor sign is ready-made and you do not know about the type of wood, then do not worry. We will help you in that way too.


  • You need to sand your wood with sandpaper before doing any outdoor activities.
  • Sanding will help the wood to resolve any damages and impurities.
  • If you see any big holes, scratches, or any significant damages, you can use putty.
  • You can also smooth the edges of your wood by applying putty with the help of a knife.
  • If you want to keep your wood in good condition, you need to be careful with it. If you damage your wood or leave it outside where it can get wet, insects or moisture will damage it quickly.

Water Repellent:

pylon signs on the street
  • Water repellent will make your wood suitable for giving care to rain or humidity and create a long-lasting lifecycle of wood.
  • Be careful choosing your water repellent; you should select it that is only for wood.
  • If you want to paint, then while buying, choose a water repellent preservative that allows it.


  • We suggest you choose paint that is only for the woods. It would be best if you also were cautious about the outdoor usage of the color.
  • The adhesion of acrylic paint is better than any other color, so we recommend using it.
  • You can add some coats of your paint to increase its efficiency against sunlight or fading.
  • If you see the wood painting is not acrylic or damaged, then merely just re-sand and apply the pain again.

Wood Sealer:

  • After drying the paint, the next step is to apply a wood sealer with a brush’s help. We suggest you use a polyurethane sealer.
  • The wood sealer should cover the surface from a minimum of two layers. Keep it dry after using layers one by one.
  • Try not to make the coats too thick.

Plastic Edge Caps:

  • Well, if you seem to have trouble on the edges of your wooden sign, you can take the help of some plastic caps.
  • The plastic caps are resistant to water or moisture and will give a pleasant look to your outdoor seal.

Well, that’s all for wooden outdoor signs. We think these steps will help you on how to make an outdoor sign waterproof.

Other Signs:

  • As we mentioned earlier, there are other signs: pylon signs, backlit signs, Illuminated signs, and reader board signs. These signs are made with their cautions that means you do not have to give many efforts to make them waterproof.
  • You can see pylon signs on the street, and they have a plastic cover that will automatically protect it from rain or any water issues.
  • In the marketplace, you will find backlit signs. It is also having a good cover as the lightwork works beneath it. This cover protects it from rain.
  • Using LED lights, you can find illuminated signs in a party place or any place that usually has high activity at night. These lights contain a water-resistant feature.
  • You can find the reader board signs, usually in offices, churches, or schools; use plastic paper covers during heavy rain to protect the sign’s big lighting letters.
smooth wood


Our extensive research showed you various outdoor signs and how to make them waterproof. Try making the most of your outdoor sign by following waterproofing methods and giving it a long-lasting life cycle.

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