How to Make Angel Wings with Wire

Have you ever seen those wings that the beautiful models of Victoria’s Secret wore? It will be a great idea to use those wings on any of your fancy dress costumes. So, if you are planning on making a dress that required angel wings, we are here to help you out on how to make angel wings with wire. Keep reading ahead to know everything.

Learn: How to Make Angel Wings with Wire

Materials You Will Need

Before you start any project, you have to find all the necessary items that you are going to use on the project. Otherwise, you are going to be stuck in the middle and will not be able to make it on time. So, for this project, you will be needing-

  • Thick iron wire
  • Think iron wire
  • White mesh fabric
  • Pillow feathers
  • Spray glue

Steps to Follow

Step One:

To start the project, you need to make all the measurements. The length of the wings depends on how big you want them. Take a big piece of A3 paper (attach more together if you need bigger). Draw a shape of the wings to see how you want them.

Step Two:
Take the thick iron wire and bend them accordingly to get the right shape of the wings. You need to cut the iron wire if they are too big for them.

Step Three:

Take the thin iron wire and start attaching the thick ones into the shape of the wings. Use other props if the thin wire is not enough for holding the pieces together. Make sure you tightly attach them so that they will not fall off.

Step Four:
Take the white mesh fabric and attach it allover the wings to cover everything up.

Step Five:

Take the old school bag and cut the backside that has the strap. You are going to use the bottom of the bag with straps as a strap for the wings to hold onto your shoulder. Attach the wings on the straps with glue and set them to dry.

Step Six:

Take the feathers to attach them to the wings. You need to use the adhesive spray to attach the feather. Spray the adhesive on one portion of the wing and put the feathers there. Wait for the portion to dry down completely. After it is dried, you can start to cover the other parts one by one.

And you are done making the angel wings. You can use it on any of your costumes and wear them to parties. A side note is to make sure to pain the straps as well according to the matching color of your outfit.

Final Thoughts

There you have the completed instruction of how to make angel wings with wire. We hope that our instruction will help you create the wings beautifully. You can make as big of wings as you want if you follow these instructions and use them on any occasion.

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