How to Make Devil Horns Headband

What else could be a better Halloween accessory than the devil itself? Well, in case you do not want to go overboard with your Halloween costume this year, you can use a simple devil horn to make the night great and scary. That is why we bring the DIY tutorial on how to make devil horns headbands.

How to Make Devil Horns Headband

Things You Will Need

The first thing you have to do is gather up all the materials you need for the project. The things you will need are-

  • A black headband
  • Red-colored velvet fabric
  • Hard paper
  • Needles and thread
  • Sewing machine
  • Scissors

Methods on How To Make Devil Horns Headband:

Methods On How To Make Devil Horns Headband

Method One:

Cut out a large rectangle from cardboard using scissors and then cover it in black construction paper or any other color that matches your theme. Next, use your hands to roll up strips of white tissue paper into small spikes(you should be able to get around 30).

Fold one end over onto itself so that the two ends overlap by about an inch, then use a piece of tape on each side of this overlapping area to secure it together at least halfway down towards either edge. Now take another strip of white tissue paper and fold it in half lengthwise.

Then, starting at one end, roll the paper around your hand to form a spiral that is as small as possible without any of the tissue sticking out from either side and no extra loose ends on top.

When you have finished rolling up all 30 papers, take the strip with tape on both sides and place this over the other piece so that they overlap by about an inch, just like before.

Now use another couple of pieces of tape to secure them together all down towards each edge until there’s only a little bit left where these strips overlap (this will be hidden inside when we cover everything later).

Repeat steps four through six for every five sections in total–the last section should not have anything taped onto it since then you have a nice tail that you can use to tie the headband together. Now, take some tape on top of the strips and fold them down, so they are all lined up side by side.

Method Two

After you have gathered the items, follow the instructions below to create the headband.

Step One:

Take the hard paper and cut it in the following measurement of 12 cm in length and 8 cm in height.

Step Two:

Draw a horizontal and a vertical line on the center of the paper. From the bottom of the vertical to the top of the left corner, draw a curvy line. Now from the left corner to the right bottom corner, draw another curvy line. You will get the shape of the horn.

Step Three:

Take the fabric and fold it in half. Then, with a pen, draw down the shape you have just created with the hard paper.

Step Four:

Stitch the fabric according to shape. Next, cut the access fabric and make it inside out.

Step Five:

Stuff the horn with things. You can use wool, paper, or any other time. Sew the bottom and attach the horns to the band.

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Were Can I wear Devil Horns Headband?

The first thing I thought of was a costume party. You could go as either the devil or some cartoonish villain like Mojo Jojo from The Powerpuff Girls. If you don’t have time for that this Halloween season, maybe consider wearing them at school in honor of Spirit Week or any other themed day they might have during their semester break.

Maybe show up to work with them, and feel free to take selfies! It will be an easy way to get people talking. Then, perhaps when you find yourself feeling really confident, give this awesome headwear a try in public spaces such as malls or movie theaters (if it’s allowed).

Which Glue is Best for Making Devil Horns Headband?

The best glue for making devil horns is hot melt adhesive because of its quick drying time and strong bond, but if your headbands don’t require much strength/support, then other glues such as white school glue can be used.

If you’re using hot melt adhesive, then make sure to use a low temp glue gun that’s rated for this type of work. Otherwise, the high temperatures can burn your fingers and cause serious injury!

When attaching plastic horns to headbands, we recommend heating them with a heat gun first (carefully!), so they don’t break when you apply pressure or tug on them. This also makes it much easier to attach the horn because there’s less chance of running into air bubbles in the glue seam as you press everything together.

Final Thoughts

There you have the instruction on how to make devil horns headband. We hope our idea will help you out a lot.

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