How to Make Beaded Lamp Shades


Lampshades are always used in our houses for decorative purposes. Besides illuminating our household, the house’s aesthetic feature is enhanced by the use of lampshades. Making DIY lampshades are much enjoyable, and you can easily design them as per your requirements. For this reason today we are going to provide you with a step by step technique of hoe to make beaded lamp shades which will be necessary for the beginners to learn new things.


For the entire process to work correctly you will need some elements among them the framework of the shade is much essential, and then you will need wooden beads, you can use paint to color the dots. You will also require natural twine, which will help to strengthen the shade and sew the beads. Then you will require a doll needle, which is slightly bigger than the regular needles. Lastly, you will need scissors, light bulbs, and hot glue for the process.

How to Make Beaded Lamp Shades


For this process at first, you have to prepare the framework for the shade, you can sue pre-determined structures, or you can make them in your house. For this, you have to take iron sticks that are flexible and then shape them into your desired frame. After the structure is prepared, you have to take the natural twine and insert it into the doll needle that you have already sterilized. Now the beads are to be added in the string.

You can use single color beads or paint the beads before you insert them in the twine, the more use of color might reduce the aesthetic beauty of the lamp, so you have to be much sincere about the color combination. After inserting the beads into the twine, we will attach the cord to the frame, and this process will be continued. Then we have to take the wire and connect it with the frame by hot glue.

Before this, you can use hot glue to attach the beads, this will keep the beads firm to their position, and there will also be much rigidity to the lamp. After this step, the whole bead included twins will be arranged in the frame, and the twine attached to the last bead should be knotted so that the bead does not fall off. Thus the basic shape of the lamp will be obtained.

Next, you have use scissors to cut off the extra twine at the end of each design and then set up a bulb at the center of the lamp. The bulb will be surrounded by the beads, which will make it look much beautiful. Then we have to complete all the electrical connections needed for the lamp and adjust a hook at the top, which will help the lamp hang properly.


Lastly, we would like to infer that the process that we have mentioned in our discussion will be much helpful for beginners to learn the technique of making DIY lampshades that are beaded. This will help increase the person’s skills and enhance the aesthetic feature of the home décor. Happy crafting! Have a beautiful day!!

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